Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend 2: Episode 4

Osita was on his way to meet Amalia's family, but his confident wasn't that firm.
On getting close to their house, he found himself shivering in fear.

"Huuf! How am I going to face this people now, especially her father? That man's thunderous voice when angry can send one down his grave.... This is so difficult for me.  I need strength to do this, I really need strength. Amalia's father will make sure I rot in prison. He is so influential and webbed with massive powers, he is really not the kind to mess with. Oh shit!" Osita angrily punched his steering and continued: "What have I gotten myself into? I should have kept my mouth shut, I went about bragging about Linda's wild success and sauced myself into a very big trouble. I'm at the cross road where I'm stripped of every possible idea of saving myself and my career. No, facing Fred's threats is far more better than facing Amalia's father. No, I can't meet him, just not yet. And besides, my hands are clean, I don't have to meet him" Osita concluded, revising his car and then went back home.

Fred was in the hospital, trying to perfect his plans of going with Linda to her home.
Just then, he pretended to be waking up from deep sleep.

"Where am I now, in hell?" He asked racing his eyes all over the room. When he saw Linda, he pretended to be shocked.
"You? What are you doing here?" 

"Fred, what were you thinking? Taking your
own life? This is ridiculous!" Linda said

"Hmm, Linda my dear, what is the need of living again? That woman has totally ruined my life. You know how much I used to love you, but that pure love was forcefully taking away from me. Linda dear, I don't know how much I hurt you then, I must had treated you so badly. So how did you except me to live with that guilt? How did you expect me to continue living knowing quite well that I pierced the heart of the only thing that I love so much. And besides, who is the person that treated me? They should have allowed me to die in peace, that is the only way my heart can finally rest."

"Shut up, Fred! Just shut up already, don't talk anymore. How many times will I tell you that its not your fault? It was all Mandy's fault, but I am so happy she is receiving her own punishment now. I don't know why my Sister is seeking to set her free. I don't know what she saw in that evil witch that made her believe she is innocent."

"Linda dear, you know, after you informed me this morning that Mercy is making plans of freeing Mandy from the prison, it then fell on me that there will be no point living anymore. That woman won't let me be in peace if she finally gets released. She will make sure that she destroy me completely for exposing her in front of everybody. She is already furious that I chose you instead of her. So Linda please, I want to die now. I need that poison so I can finally have some peace and shear away from Mandy's anger, I can't stand her evil tendencies anymore because its now obvious she will be releasing soon"

"No Honey, you are not going to die. You will live for me. I love you so much" Linda said, but didn't knew when it slipped from her mouth.

She then stood shocked, touching her lips.

"Really, did you just said " you love me?" Fred asked, cheering in his heart: "All my life, I have never seen any woman who is as soft as Linda, she is so kind and softhearted, and that have been my greatest weapon of getting through her anytime I feel like" he then pretended to be oblivious of the feelings Linda just professed 
"But Linda my dear, what is there to love in me again? Nothing. I will soon be a divorcee. Even if you decide to give our love another shot, it won't be fair on your own side. You, marrying a divorcee? No.....it doesn't befit you. I wish that what happened never happened. It's all that Mandy's fault." Fred said, pretending to be hurting bitterly, inside.

He was making those statement, as Linda became quiet, searching herself, trying to figure out if she still had a true love feelings for Fred.

"Why is she quiet? Linda please say something, I want to hear what you have in your mind." Fred requested in his heart

4 minutes later, Linda was still frozen, thinking hard. "Does it mean I still love this man? Fred has been the only man that I truly love, no matter how hard I try to forget him, the more the feelings keep getting stronger." Linda was still lost in her thoughts when Fred called her.

And she regained herself: "Seems 
you were lost in your thoughts." Fred said, and just then the doctor came in and met Linda.

"Look who we have here, Linda of Lili's Collections. You are sure, a great woman, an inspiration to many. I also heard what happened, and how the truth finally came out. This shows that no matter what happens , the truth will always stand strong. So congratulations."

"No Doctor, its all thanks to this man, he was the one who restored the dignity of my company" Linda said, looking at Fred, passionately

"Oh no, its nothing, I did what any other person in my position would have done" Fred said

"Hmm, that means you owe him a great deal" Doctor said, smiling

"Sure Doctor" Linda replied

"So young man, you are free to go now. And Linda please, don't allow him stay alone. He needs the support and the company of his loved ones. And you Mr Fred, don't try this ever again, because if you do, after sucking out the poison from your system, I will then drag you to the police station myself."

And the they all burst into laughter.

"I promise you doctor, I won't try it again, and besides, to commit suicide is not easy. Immediately I took the poison, I became so scared of dying, that was why I rushed down to this place. I never knew I would make it. So thank you Doctor, for giving me a new life and a new hope"

"This is very good to hear from you" the Doctor said, nodding his head, he then turned to Linda and said: "Please make sure he doesn't stay alone until he snap out of his frustration"

"Don't worry, I will see to that."

When they stepped out of the hospital, Fred then pretended to be returning to his house, he said: "Thank you Linda for coming to the hospital to visit me. I have to be going now."

"Going? Didn't you hear what the doctor said? Fred, you are my responsibility, at least for now. You are going with me to my place" Linda said

"What? Linda are you sure of what you are saying? What about your sister? You know how she will react?"

"My sister you called her, right? So don't worry about her, I can handle her" Linda assured

"Alright, if you say so." Fred said as he entered her car.

He then glanced through the portion, where he parked his car and said, he will come the next day to carry it.

Linda was driving, thinking on how to explain the situation to her sister, Mercy so she that, she won't create any tantrum.

On getting home, Mercy was with her children in the sitting room, watching television.
Immediately she saw Fred, she couldn't at first fathom who she saw.

And Linda, noticing her bodily reaction, rushed to her and said: "Sis, its really not what you think, I can explain."

And Mercy knowing that there was nothing she could say that night that will make Linda change her mind.
"Linda, what do you mean by " explain"? There is nothing to explain, my dear. Bringing him here without asking me first means that you have already made up your mind about it, and even if I ask him to leave, you won't let that happen, do you know why? Because, whenever it comes to Fred, your senses of reasoning stop 
working. I just pray that it doesn't become too late before you realise your stupidity"

And the stupidity she said irked Linda.
"And what does that supposed to mean? Sister, please you should also learn how to show me some respect here, this doesn't worth calling me names. I won't tolerate such negative words, please. Why do you always address me as if I'm a child? Please let it be the last, I won't tolerate it anymore" She snapped

"Linda, listen to me! I will only stop seeing you as a child the day you finally learn how to differentiate between right from wrong. Sometimes, I wonder the planet you came from. Is it because of this man you are charging at me? Don't worry, I will still be here and watch how you will cry the second time, nonsense!" Mercy fired back

And her outburst infuriated Linda the more: "Mercy, if its your plan to see me remain unhappy, I said it will never work for you. So all these time I have been lonely, you enjoy them? Sister, let me tell you, you have always been wrong whenever it comes to Fred. You see, it was not even his fault, its that Mandy's fault. All the things you have been saying about him have been proven to be wrong. You know what they say? True love never dies, our love is still fresh and strong, that is why despite everything, we still came back together again. As for that Mandy woman you are fighting to free, I swear, I will spend all my resources to make sure she rot in that prison, so that she won't cross her path anywhere near Fred and I"
As Linda kept vibrating, Fred was where he was standing, enjoying the drama.

"Yes, my Old Linda is back....fire on Baby, and put that your grumpy sister in her place, old cargo like her, once we get married, I will throw her away from this house" he said in his heart.

"Linda's outburst was getting out of hand as Mercy stood in anger to slap her, Fred ran and prevented that from happening.

"Linda my dear, don't you know she is your elder sister? You shouldn't be talking to her like that. I don't like how you two are arguing just because of me, or do you want me to leave now?" He pretends to be concerned.

And Linda's nerves calmed, and she said: "Let me take you to your room, please" she then led him inside, to the visitors room

Mercy was furious that night, her zeal of uncovering the truth heightened. She sat thinking on the best way to get the truth known so fast.

Later in the night, Fred went to Linda, asking her for a Bible.

So, surprised Linda asked, "since when did you start reading Bible?"

"My dear, I am now scared, I don't want what happened in the past to repeat itself again, I don't want Mandy's charm to fall on me again, I need all the protections I can get" Fred replied. It was all his strategy of getting Linda back.

So Linda found him a Bible, and she was so impressed on all Fred's character display.

Mercy was in the garden, licking orange, and some hitmen approached and short her in the chest. Linda rushed, wailing in pains and just then, Osita woke from his sleep, sweating.
"Oh my God! It was just a dream. My fear has gotten hold of my subconscious mind. I really have to do something, I can't keep up with this anymore, I must do something" 
So the next morning, Osita determined to do the needful.

He boldly went to Amalia's family house, but was surprised at what he discovered.
Amalia's father died 4 years after Amalia's death. Her father was the only one he was scared of, so since he was no more, there was no reason for him to fear anymore.

"So Fred was just posing with empty threat? That swine of a man. This is now time to show him a very big lesson." He said and then called Fred on phone.

Fred's phone was in the room ringing, while he was in the sitting room admiring Linda's mansion.

"Oh wow! I never knew I would live in this kind of house. Linda, whether you like it or not, I am here to stay and this time, it will be forever." He was still thinking, when he heard his phone ringtone. He then went inside to grab it.

"Oh, Osita, why is he calling me at this early morning........Hello Osita, howfar? Guess where I am right now?" He asked

But Osita was not interested in what he was saying.

"Fred, you are an imbecile, you threatened me with Amalia's father who died long time ago. Your cup is full now, I'm going straight to the police station now to release that innocent lady you wanted to destroy" he said and then hung up.

"Hello! Hello! Osita? He hung up? But how did he find out? No, I need to leave here right now, I can't allow him do this to me. Never. I can't allow that to happen" Fred said, dressing up to leave 

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To be continued

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