Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend 2: Episode 3

"Osita, see who we have here?" Fred said, looking out through the window.

"Who is that?"

"Action Mercy, but what is she doing here? Oh I see, she met Mandy at the prison today, and she had probably told her everything. Now Osita, listen, I will have to hide inside your room, but I am warning you, maintain our deal a secret. Still insist that Mandy is your cousin. You should know one thing, if I can deny Mandy and get her locked up in prison, just know that I'm capable of crushing anything that will be getting in my of recovering Linda's heart"

And Osita, slightly nodded.

5 minutes later, Mercy located Osita's flat. She then knocked and he opened the door for her.

"Hello! To what do I owe this honorable invitation?" Osita asked

And Mercy faintly smiled and pleaded: "Mr Osita, I am sorry that I stormed your place without first, seeking for your permission. Please pardon curiosity...."

"No problem madam, you can have a seat" Osita offered.

And Mercy sat

"You care for anything?" Osita asked

"Mr Osita, I'm sure you are aware of what is happening? I had expected you to show at the company, but you were nowhere near, may I know why?" Mercy asked, looking boldly right at Osita's eyes

"Hmm, first of all, I am sorry for not appearing since then, but it's not my fault. If not that I'm just returning from travel now, you wouldn't have met me here, I would been at my work place. I am just returning from Ghana. It was now that the shocking news reached me.
I am so disappointed at my sister for stooping so low. It was so appalling of her, I never expected such demeaning attitude from her, all because of what? Insecurity? She feared that Fred and Linda might be getting back together, that's why she resorted to that deplorable strategy of sealing any loop hole that might be leading to that, this is so ridiculous, she is shameless, I must say" Osita said, furrowing his face, but hurting in his heart.

And Mercy paused, looking at Osita.
And her stare which was full of uncertainties made Osita became uncomfortable.
"Why are you looking at me like that?" He asked

"Nothing, I am just looking at the gentle man sitting right in front of me, saying the truth that will make his sister rot in prison. Osita, are you still saying that Mandy is truly your cousin sister? Because you are not sounding like someone who is somehow related to her"

"Off course yes, she is my cousin" Osita replied

"Osita, do you know why I came here in person? I came here to open your eyes to see the hot oil you are about to dip yourself if it actually turns out you are an accomplice to the crime. Listen, if a proper investigation is being conducted, fishing out the real truth won't be a herculean task. Osita, if you know what's best for you, better come forward and reveal the whole truth and save that innocent woman. You are like the mediator between Mandy and Fred. Or are you operating under Fred's threats? I mean, is Fred threatening you?"

And Osita kept quiet, thinking on what best to do. He had stuck in between the whole drama. "What am I going to do now? If I keep quiet, Fred will definitely ruin my life"

When Fred who was eavesdropping to their conversation noticed what was happening, he sent Osita a quick text message.
"Why are you so quiet? Don't forget the deal, otherwise you will stand loosing everything."

As Osita opened his mouth to speak, the message beeped his phone.
He picked it and found out that it was from Fred....he then glanced through it.

"Um, Mercy, you see, I gave you my truth, she is my cousin"

"Alright, but do you think she is capable of the accusations that are being leveled against her?"

"Mercy, I really don't know. When she told me she wanted to become a professional fashion designer like Linda, that since I am connected to her direct, that I should lead her to Lili's collections, so I obliged, but not knowing she had an ulterior motives."

"Alright Mr Osita, I have heard all you said. Reason why I came here was to see if I can get a satisfactory truth from you, so that we can save ourselves the stress and time of digging out the truth.
Well, if that's the case then, I should be leaving now. I think the rest will be left for the police to handle, and you know what will happen when the truth is finally uncovered?." Mercy asked

"Sure, I am so aware of that"

"Alright, I guess I should be on my way now. Have a nice day" Mercy wished and left.

Immediately she left, Osita sat in the sofa, looking all worried.

"Guy, you did a nice job. I don't know what to do with this Mercy, this woman has never allowed me enjoy one peace, right from the first day I started dating her sister." Fred said as Osita interrupted him

"Fred, do you know you are about incriminating me? Do you know the truth won't be that difficult to discover?" Osita worries

"Don't worry, I think its time I put Mercy in her place. I have her key....so relax and be cool, I got this" Fred said, assuring Osita that things were under control.

"And what do you mean by that? I am sure you are not planning on harming that lady?"

"Naa, who is talking about harming someone here? Relax man, you won't be implicated in anyway, I know what I'm doing" Fred assured, leaving

"Fred, seriously things are not going the way I expected. If police finally find out that I am part of of the whole thing, I will be in a very big trouble, and if I keep quiet, Fred might harm Mercy, because from the look of things, he is so desperate and ready to do anything. Mandy is already in police cell just because of me, and if I continue keeping quiet, he might also kill Mercy, and the whole matter will become more rather, complicated. I can't be an accomplice to murder. No, Osita, you have to do something. Amalia's death wasn't my fault, I have to face her family, all I know is that I am innocent, and only that will set me free. I can't continue being dragged by Fred." Osita said, and started making plans of meeting Amalia's parents.

"How do I make Linda accept me again?. The way she acted in the morning showed that she won't be having anything to do with me ever again , but I won't allow that to happen. I will have to attract her. But how am I going to achieve that?........ Oh yes, in order to achieve bigger things, extreme measures have to be taken, I know what to do now." He suggested to himself and then headed out, drove to a nearby hospital, and parked.
And then brought out a powdered poison and licked a small quantity.
He dashed into the hospital, shouting poison! poison, shrinking his stomach.

And the nurses rushed him to the Intensive Care Unit immediately and later, he was saved.

After he was resuscitated, the doctor asked him for his family members, anyone he would loved to call.

And he said Linda.
"But doctor, you will do me a favour, tell her to come immediately"

And the doctor said OK....

And when Linda was contacted, the aurora of the inner love she had for Fred came refreshing.

"He took poison, but why doctor?"

"You know why people take poison? Loss of hope, frustration and all that. Right now he needs to be surrounded by his love ones so that he won't repeat the same mistake again. His hope needs to be rekindled, committing suicide is not the ultimate solution to any problem." The doctor advised

"Alright Doctor, I will be there right away. The address please?" Linda requested

And the doctor gave her the direction.

He then told Fred, that the lady was coming.

"Are you sure she is coming?" Fred asked

"Yes, she is already on her way, according to her." Doctor responded

"Yes, this is good! But Doctor, hope I will be discharged today?" Fred asked

And Doctor began looking at him confusedly... "Was she the reason you took poison?"

"To tell you the truth Doctor, she is the reason. She is my life, without her by my life, there won't be any reason living"

"But still that doesn't worth taking your life. Hope you know committing suicide is an offense?"

"I am sorry doctor, please don't get me arrested" Fred pleaded, jokingly.

"Alright, promise me that you won't try it again"

And Fred smiled faintly and said, "I promise"

And the Doctor left.

Fred resorted to wild jubilation and started imagining himself at Linda's mansion.

"Fred, say it, "you are a genius",  shout it " you are a genius! "... You will be sleeping at Linda's mansion tonight. Who knows how her soft her bed will be like, it might even be water bed. Soft things are always her favourite." He rejoiced, waiting for Linda's arrival.

30 minutes later, she heard a footsteps approaching.
"That must be Linda coming, I better pretend to be sleeping" he said and closed his eyes

"Oh look how stressed and troubled he look. You shouldn't have taken Poison, Darling, what happened is not your fault." Linda said, dressing him as he slept.

"Ooh, she called me "Darling"? Wait, did I hear right? She called me "Darling", I said it, I knew she still reserve her special feelings for me. This is good." Fred said in his heart.

While Fred was at the hospital planing his way of getting back together with Linda, Osita was gathering the courage of facing Amalia's family, as he began his journey of meeting them.

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The author of Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend 2 is Ngozi Lovelyn.

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To be continued

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