Sweet Revenge of Ex-girlfriend 2: Episode 2

When Linda got home, she found her sister sleeping in her room.

She quietly went closer to her bed, and sat down.

Mercy who felt somebody's presence opened her eyes, and saw Linda looking at her in a pleading manner.

"When did you come back?" Mercy asked, looking mean.

"I am just entering the house now." Linda replied

And Mercy closed her eyes to continue her sleep.

Linda who noticed how angry her sister was touched her and said: "Come on Sis, stop being angry with me, you know I can't do anything without you. You said that I disrespected you, but it wasn't my intention to. I thought I was only doing the right thing by getting that woman arrested. Where is my offense here, Sis?"

"Linda, is that so? But it's not what it seemed like. You were so emotionally moved by that Fred's outrageous utterances. But you know what? Just go ahead with your decision, I don't care with whatever conclusion you arrived at."

"Sis, are we going to return to the way we used to be, few years back? We were never in good terms then, when I was still going out with Fred.
Sister please, I don't want that to repeat again. I can't allow Fred to come in between our sisterly friendship ever again. I am sorry you felt the way you did today, but I am promising you now that it will never happen again. I can't stand you being angry with me, because without you, I wouldn't have been where I am today. And who is Fred by the way, to interface in our affairs? Don't worry, I will never have anything to do with him ever again. Please Sister, turn and look at me naa... I said that I am sorry....you know you are my everything, you are my bedrock, please turn and look at me.. I am sorry. I won't leave you until you promise me you have forgiven me"
Linda continued begging, trying to ameliorate her heart.

When she saw that she was not responding, she then started tickling her.
And Mercy who doesn't like to be tickled jumped up immediately...

"No, No, Linda, stop, you know I don't like this"

"To tell you the truth, I won't stop until you smile and tell me you have forgiven me. So say it! Tell me you are no longer mad at me." Linda said, laughing and continued tickling her.

And then Mercy burst into laughter, asking her to stop, that she had heard.

And Mercy became happy again.
"You eeh, you sure knows how to get to me"

"Yes off course, you are my lovely sister, who I adore so much."

"But Linda that doesn't change anything. The fact still remains that we sent an innocent lady to prison. If you really want me to be happy, let's unite and dig out the real truth behind the whole saga"

"But Sis, why are you so sure that Mandy is innocent?" Linda asked

"I never said she is innocent, but my instinct keeps telling me she is. We can't just rule a verdict with Fred's testimonies that she is the real culprit. She might even be a victim"

"Hmm, Sister, I don't know why you still believe that that evil woman is telling the truth. Anyway, do whatever you wish, but I am telling you, you will end up realising that, you only wasted your precious time searching for truth where there is none. But please, let's forget about Fred, Stella or whatever they call her...and let's celebrate our victory, our restoration. Have you checked the internet? "

"No I have not" Mercy replied

"Sis, you should see people's reactions. See how sorry they all felt, they were all demanding that, Mandy should rot in prison."

"Linda, enough. I don't want to hear anymore on this. I will only rejoice when the police are through with their investigations. When the real culprit is finally brought to book, then I will have every reason to be happy. Please, I am starving, I need to get something to eat" Mercy said, heading towards the kitchen.

And Linda looked on, watching her as she left.

That night, Fred expected Linda to call him, but she did not.
"Does it mean she did not buy all my drama? She doesn't like me again or what? This is so unlike her"
He then reminisced how Linda walked up to him, asking if he was still using his old cellphone number..
"Yes, this means she still has some feelings for me, so I should relax, she will still call." Fred said and then slept off.

When he woke up about 6:12 am, he quickly checked his phone to know if he missed Linda's call.
"Really, she did not call? I think I should give her a call now. I will pretend that I'm just checking up on her.".
He then dialed her number.

And Linda answered

" Good morning Linda " he greeted

"Good morning, Fred. How are you?"

"I am fine, um ..you see, I just called to know how you are feeling.
To tell you the truth, I am sorry for what that Mandy did to you all because of me."

"No, you shouldn't be. She was only fighting to keep her man, that's all. I strongly believe that she was behind all that happened to my company. I am happy that she is receiving the punishment she deserves. Just that my sister still find some truths in her eyes, and according to her, she will get to the bottom of the whole matter. She believe that she is saying the truth."

"Really? But I said the whole truth yesterday. What other confirmation does she need again?"

"You know my sister and how strong headed she can be at times. She won't rest until things go according to the way she want them to be"

"But won't she be wasting her time and resources?" Fred asked

"Well, that one is hers to worry about. I need to get ready for work and thanks for calling. Have a nice day, bye" Linda said, ending the call

"Huh! She just disconnected the call? She was so cold answering me, no warm feelings. I must say, she acted so rudely unlike my Linda.... Anyway, there is nothing to worry about for now, when I perform my magic on her again, she will come back running to me... But Mercy.... Seems she will be the only problem that I will have now. I can't just allow her mess up my plans. Mercy, if you know what's best for you, better clear off my path. I am so determined to getting Linda back, and I won't mind committing the unthinkable just to achieve that. Linda is worth fighting for, she worth billions now, so why won't I fight for her? I won't allow any obstacle to get in the way, so Mercy if you know what's best for you, better not interfere in this my fiery desire." Fred said to himself, determining to achieve his goals.

About 10 am, Mercy visited Mandy at the police station.
When Mandy saw her at first, she became angry, asking her if she had come to mock her.

"No Mandy, I am here because I believe you are innocent, and I won't rest until I get to the bottom of the whole truth. Have you gotten a lawyer?"

"No, my brother is still working on that." She replied

"Don't worry, I will hire one for you..but listen, if it later turned out you are guilty, believe me, I will make sure that you rot here in prison"

"I swear, I am telling you all my truth, Ma."

"Alright, that reminds me, what about that man that introduced you to as his brother, is he truly your brother?" Mercy asked

"See Madam, the whole thing is still confusing to me but I think Osita might know the truth to everything. He is the only person who can deliver me from this situation. Fred was the one who asked him to took me to Lili's Collections to learn tailoring after he made me quit my job. He gave the excuse that he can't take me there himself, because Osita have a personal connection with Linda. Everything is now clear to me, he tried to use me to destroy Linda, but why?"
After saying all she knew, Mercy decided to pay Osita a visit.
But on getting there, Fred was already there trying to rekindle his threats, warning Osita to keep his mouth sealed.

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To be continued

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