Kukere Sisters: Episode 9

When Anna left, Onyinye retired to her mattress, thinking on the best way to lure Austin to Awka on Sunday. But things turned around better than she planned. Austin normally called her around 9:pm.
So, about 9:10 pm, her phone rang and it was Austin.

"Hello my Sunshine" He greets

"My Love, my everything, I was just thinking about you, and you called"

"Aww, so my princess is missing me?"

"Off course, I am missing you and also feeling you as well" she said in a faint erotic voice.

"Aww, Sunshine you are sounding so romantic this night and I love that. Just hold on a little longer, soon I will be yours and you will do with my body how ever it pleases you" Austin said chuckling romantically.

"Hmm, like how soon my Love,  I can't wait any longer, you know I love you so much, and I can't afford to loose you"

"Hey Sunshine, I have always warned you to stop being negative, you shouldn't allow such negative thoughts to creep your mind. you are not loosing me to anybody, OK. Now, smile for me, I want to hear that your sweet laughter" he demands in a warm romantic voice.

So Onyi laughed and both laughed out together.

"So, the reason I called you was about our wedding"

"Our wedding?" Onyi asked as her heart flipped, eager to hear what he was about to say, yearning for him to correspond with what she already had in mind.

"I was just thinking about it and concluded there is no need waiting anymore, I need to start making my own family" Austin said

Happy Onyinye asked: "My Love are you for real? I can't believe I will be getting married to the man of my dream"

"Yes my Sunshine, I can't wait to make you my Queen, there is no point waiting any longer" he explains

"Oow My Love, you will never regret ever making me your wife, I love you, I love you , I love you......!!!!" Onyi professes

"And I love you too my Sunshine. So we need to see this weekend so that we will start making arrangement, which means you will be coming down to Onitsha"

Immediately, Onyi remembered her lies and what happened the last time she went to his place.
"No baby, is it not better you come to Awka instead?


"You should understand 'naa'"

"Alright, I will come on Sunday"

"Yea, that's why I love you so much, you always understand me"

"OK Sunshine, let me take my bath now, we will still talk before I sleep"

"OK Love" she said and they ended the call.

In a jubilating mood, Onyi called Anna and informed her the good news.

"Wow, you see, I told you before to stop giving yourself unnecessary headache, I am so happy for you. But what about the "virginity lie''?

"When we see we discuss about that because I don't have enough airtime now.
 Austin will be coming on Sunday, so remember you promised to guide me in preparing the banga soup"

"Yes I remembered. Please can you end the call, I have another call coming in"

"OK OK, we will see in school tomorrow" she said and disconnected the call.

It was on Sunday morning, Onyinye woke up for 7:am mass.
Immediately mass ended, she went straight home to start preparing the food her man will eat when he comes. She called her sister to start coming over because she wouldn't want Austin to arrive while they were still cooking.

About 12:03pm, they were already done with the cooking and the room was tidied up. Anna told Onyinye to take her bath and look for something sexy to wear. She heeded to her words, and they sat, gisting out, waiting for Austin's arrival.

Austin who wanted to surprise her was already nearby, but when she called him, he lied to her that he is still at home, that he will be leaving soon.

"You are still at home? Baby, its already 2:pm, by what time are you going to reach here?

"Calm down, have you forgotten I'm mobile, you will see me soon" he said and ended the call, smiling in his heart and said to himself "I can't wait to see the surprise look on her face when she see me standing at her door in the next couple of minutes."

"Well, since he still has like one hour to reach here, I think I should use this opportunity to see my course mate down the street, I will return within half an hour" Anna requests

"Alright then, just go and come back"

Anna said OK as she wore her slippers and left.

Austin who had already entered Onyinye's lodge was laughing in his heart on how he will surprise her. He can't wait to see her face, and that made him to be climbing the stairs so fast to see his woman who lives in the second floor of a four storey building.

Anna on the other hand was also climbing down the stairs.
On the second staircase, Austin stood shocked, looking at a lady whom he believed looked exactly like Ebere. 

Ebere who was coming down did not look at his face, she thought he was waiting for her to come down first like how responsible people do, so as she was coming closer to him, Austin called "Ebere!"

Anna looked up, and was shocked to the bones, she couldn't believe her eyes. "Cyko!"

 They stood shocked for some seconds, staring at each other straight in the eyes, she threw herself at him, and both embraced like there was no tomorrow....

Wow! Who can guess what will happen next? Poor Onyinye! Poor Anna(Ebere)!!.... Now, the story of Kukere Sisters Begins.... 

The author of Kukere Sisters is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be use, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author..



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