Kukere Sisters: Episode 8

Onyinye who couldn't get rid of Austin's ex-girlfriend's matter from her mind called her sister immediately they left the fast food joint.
"Hello dear, please where are you? I really need to see you, I mean right now" Onyi requests

"What happened, you are sounding so stressed, did anything happen? What about Austin?"

"Anna, please save all these questions until we see. So where are you, are you guys done with the quiz?

"The quiz did not hold again but we are through with lecture.... OK do you know what, I will come and meet you in your hostel because I will be coming towards that side in the evening....let me say.....before 4:30pm" Anna said flipping her wrist, glancing through her watch.

"That will be OK, I will be expecting you by then" Onyi replies

About 4:56pm, Anna stormed Onyinye's hostel, she met her lying on her mattress, thinking over what Austin said.

"Oh, you are here, please sit..."Onyi offers

Anna sat on the mattress and asked: "So what happened, why the stressed call?"

"Anna dear, to tell you the truth, I am scared"

"Scared about what?" Anna asked looking so confused.

"Its about Austin"

"Austin? What happened, he dumped you? Please, you are getting me worried, just tell me already" Anna demands

"Let me ask you a question first"

"Alright, go ahead"

"Assuming you finally found your lost love, erm..what's that his name again? Onyi asks

"Cyko! Yes Cyko, he told me his real name but I forgot because Cyko is what I knew him with and that was the name people used to call him then." Anna explains

"Ok, so assuming you finally found Cyko and discovered he is not yet married but in a serious relationship, what would you do?"

"Are you really asking me that? You should know what my actions would be, since he is not yet married, I will fight with every of my being to win his heart again.
OK now tell me, enough of this suspense, did anything happen between you and Austin?"

"This afternoon, when we were having lunch, Austin told me about his ex-girlfriend whom he lost contact with. Though he sounded so plain, assuring me that my presence in his life has crushed every last feelings he had for her but my heart has been racing since then, I can't just get it off my mind, I have been scared since then as if something drastic is about to happen."

"Why are you worrying yourself over nothing? But he has proposed to you"

"No..., not officially. Anna dear, you should have seen the look on his face when he was telling me about her. To tell you the truth, I don't want to experience any heartbreak again, you know how much I suffered before I recovered from the previous one, it was a disaster, I can't stomach such experience again, please."

Anna who doesn't like to see her sister in such mood decided to help by giving her some possible solutions.

"You know you lied to him that you are still a virgin, I would have suggested he get you pregnant, at least that will trap him down."

"Nooo...., sometimes, it doesn't work like that, please think of something else." 

They spent few minutes thinking of the possible solution to get Austin to marry her within the next few months.

"Anna dear, I love Austin so much, I  so much love him that I am willing to do anything just for his love, I can't afford to loose him. In fact, I will commit suicide if he end up dumping me" Onyi says

"God forbid!! What are you saying? That can never happen, OK? Now, hear what just came to my mind"

"What?" Onyi asked looking straight to her sister's eyes.

"What's his favorite food?"

"Ofe Akwu (banga soup)" Onyi replies

"OK, you have to invite him over to Awka, choose any day you know that will be convenient for him so that he can relax when he comes. You know, that's one good thing with living off campus, you will be free to do anything you wish, invite friends, even male ones as you pleases" Anna suggests

"Hmmm" but how does that help?" confused Onyi asks

"When he comes, after eating the food, allow him to relax for a while, then you lay beside him, do some sexy tricks on him, just get him in the mood, tell him you can be sexy, tell him you can be romantic, let your body tell him you can be fire on bed.." Anna explains, looking so serious.

"So how does that get him to marry me, I mean like soon?" Onyi asks, sounding so interested.

"While doing the tricks, just tell him you can't wait to have him, you can't wait to echo his name in your body, do anything you know that will make him go crazy for you. Then he will loose himself, in fact he will even try to force himself on you... hope you are getting what I am saying? Anna asks

"Off course, I am, please go on" Onyi replies

"OK, when he gets to that stage, you pull a strong resistance, start crying softly, remind him that you are still a virgin, that you are not willing to loose it until you get married, then remind him of his promises, that you can't wait any longer, after that, you hold him tight and kiss him deeply, brcause I remembered you said he loves kissing. Once you are able to do all these perfectly, and luck is by your side, believe me, he will come and pay your bride price soon because he will not wait any longer to taste that honey pot of yours...Anna continued: sure you will know how to do all these things I just listed out now and also adding your own styles? 

"Yes dear, this is the bomb. To tell you the truth, this is an awesome idea, its excellent, you are too much Sis...but there's one problem"

"What problem?"

"You know I don't know how to cook ofe akwu." 

"Hehehehe" Anna laughed and said: Don't worry, I will guide you. But before he arrives, we must have finished cooking the food, we will garnish it in a way he will eat himself out."

"Thanks Sis, you are the best Sister in the whole world" Onyi said, appreciating her.

"So once he arrives, I will be stylishly saying good things about you, things that will make him realize you are the best woman for him and he can't afford to loose you, after that I will leave you guys.

"Oh Anna, this is an excellent idea, do you know what, I will invite him over this weekend, there's no time to waste any more" she said, hugging her sister for her awesome suggestions.

"Yes, that reminds me, where is the fried rice I asked you to get for me?" Anna asks

"Ooh, I forgot oo...."

"You see your life.... You must get that rice oo" Anna said in playful manner.

"Its already late now, tomorrow please..... I am pleading....."

"Forget it, I'm no longer interested, so what do you have here, Anna asked opening the food cupboard.

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To be continued....
Wow, this is getting so interesting.

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