Kukere Sisters: Episode 7

As they were waiting for Austin who was already close by, Anna started feeling malaise. She was unable to interpret what the feeling was.

"You are looking so tensed, what's the matter? See how you are sweating profusely.." Onyi asked looking so concerned.

"Seriously, I don't know, it's like I am having signs of malaria"

"Please, don't get sick ok"

"OK" Anna replies

Immediately Austin entered Onyinye's department, Anna's phone rang. It was one of her course mate who called to inform her about the unannounced quiz they were to had. She quickly told Onyi about the latest development and started running towards her department. When Onyi asked her about the lunch, she pleaded with her to get her a takeaway of fried rice with turkey while returning since she couldn't make it.

Not up to a minute Anna left, Austin called Onyinye to meet him at the parking lot and they drove to the popular fast food joint in Awka.
They maintained silence as they ate their food.

"Yes, that reminds me, there's this secret you wanted to share with me last night, I am still anxious to hear about it" she said looking at him with a plain soft smile.

"Oh Sunshine, I told you to forget about it, its now valueless, all thanks to your sweet love" he demands

Unsatisfied Onyinye insisted on hearing it since he had already spat it out.
"OK, I will tell you, but first allow me to finish my lunch"

"Alright" Onyi accepts.

So after eating his food, he began:
"I told you its no longer a big deal, but since you insisted on hearing it, I will tell you. 
Its about my former girl friend"

"Former girlfriend?" Onyi asked widening her bold brown round eyes.

"Hey, don't interrupt me, I told you its no longer a big deal and you are still anxious to hear."

"Oh sorry, please go on" she pleads

"We lost contact, but before I met you I was thinking that nobody could love me the way she did, but your love has proved me wrong. So that's the secret"

Onyi sighed deeply and asked: This your former girlfriend, assuming she returns to your life now, what will be my fate? Onyi asked with straight face.

"Onyinye! Why do you think like that? Its like you did not understand me? Ebere is now in my past and......"

"Alright alright, I have heard you.. Onyi cut in. "Did you say her name is Ebere? You know my sister's name is also Ebere, she was supposed to meet you but unannounced quiz called."

"Oh! I even forgot you said she will be having lunch with us. Next time then because I need to be in Onitsha before 3:30 pm."

"Next time then" Onyinye said grabbing her bottle water, but wasn't so happy that Austin still harbours his ex girlfriend's thoughts, that means he still reserves his feelings for her. 

"What if she returns now? Because, men can't be trusted. Its like I will start pressuring him to come and pay my bride price because in this situation now, delay can be very dangerous." As Onyinye was still racing with her mind, she remembered her sister Anna and her lost love story, her mind reflected on what Austin just said about his former girlfriend, Ebere how they lost contact. Wait a minute!, she continued talking to herself.
"Austin is from Ihiala, and Anna's lost love is from Ihiala, and Anna's first name is Ebere. Could it be? No no no, that can't be possible, it could be a mere coincidence."

When she looked at Austin to ask him more about his former girlfriend, she remembered he had already warned her to close the chapter. 

After some minutes, they left the fast food.

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To be continued....

The author of Kukere Sisters is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be use, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author..



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