Kukere Sisters: Episode 6

"Five months? You must be kidding me? Please proceed with your wedding and stop worrying yourself about me." 

"Well we still have enough time because Austin has not yet officially proposed, so I pray things work out between you and Ebuka, and I will invite him over to Awka this weekend. Don't go anywhere this weekend oo" Onyi warns, stretching her ear.

"Onyi, why are you doing this to me, I don't even have a thing for that Ebuka, please stop all this, just allow me wait for my lost love, I have this strong feeling that I will see him soon, I don't know why I started feeling this way, but believe me, my feelings has never disappointed me." Anna yells in a lower tone.

After watching how serious and sincere Anna was concerning her lost love, Onyi decided to let her be and wished for things to turn out good for her.

"OK Anna, I have heard you, its just that I was only trying to help, I just wanted you to be happy, that's all, but it looks like I'm pissing you off with this love matter." Onyi says in a sad tone.

"No Darling, its not like that, I am sorry for yelling at you like that, its just that I hate the sound of that name, "Ebuka". Anna paused for some seconds, looking at her adorable sister who was ready to sacrifice anything just for her happiness.

"OK five months, you said, right?"

Onyi replied ''Yes''.

"OK, I will give it a shot but only on one condition? "

"What condition?"

"It must not be Ebuka"

"Your disgust for Ebuka no be here oo..."OK accepted." Onyi said and left for her quiz.

About 12:46pm, she was already done with the quiz and headed to the canteen to refresh herself but discovered her second phone which she uses for browsing was missing. She decided to call Austin to inform him about it.
On reaching her other phone from her handbag, Austin's call came in.

"Hello Love, I was about calling you now and your call came in, that means our hearts beat together",

"Yes my Sunshine. Erm... you forgot your phone at my place"

"Thank goodness, I was actually searching for it here to browse up the assignment my lecturer gave us today."

"Do you know what?"


"I am on my way to Awka right now, there is this client I need to meet at Unizik Junction"

"Oh that's good, you are with the phone, right?"

He replied yes and asked: Are you guys through with the quiz?"

"Yes, about 30 minutes ago"

"OK. How about I treat you to lunch?" he asks

"Yea! I would love to, but will be in the company of my sister, because she is here with me?

"That will be nice, at least I will get the chance to meet my future sister Inlaw"

Onyinye's heart can't stop singing of Austin's name, he possesses all the qualities she can ever wish for in a man, what more could she ask for again?
Onyi headed to her sister's department which is a stone throw to hers.

"Get ready for Lunch, Austin is coming right away to drive us"

"Wow, for real? Anna asked in sheer strange joy, but wondered why she suddenly felt that way but shoved the feelings off and stared into her sister's eyes and saw the sparkles that was glaring passionately. She felt so at ease that her younger sister found the love she truly deserved and she silently yearned to reunite with her own lost love.

To be continued

The author of Kukere Sisters is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be use, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author..


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