Kukere Sisters: Episode 5

"Please forget the dream and let's discuss about you" Anna requests

"Ehee, now you are talking, so as I was saying....wait! I have forgotten what I was saying before..."

Anna laughed and said: "You see, love is already turning you crazy. I asked you about his occupation, his home town and......"

"OK OK OK, I have remembered now. Austin is from Ihiala, and he is a Civil Engineer" Onyi said looking at her sister whose facial expression changed suddenly and was unable to interpret the look, she concluded that maybe she doesn't understand the meaning of "Civil Engineer".

"OK let me explain the kind of jobs a civil Engineer does"

"Wait" Anna cut in.

"Are you trying to explain who a Civil Engineer is? You are mad ooo" Anna said jokingly and continued: "You know my former boyfriend is from Ihiala too?"

"Yes, what about that? Please, please and please don't start with this your lost boyfriend matter again. I have told you countless times to forget about that guy" Onyi yells in a lower tone.

"Onyi, how can I forget my first love, I have being preserving myself for him, praying and fasting for God to reunite us again and I can't just give up hope like that, not yet" emotional Anna says

"Anna dear, you have to forget about him, I believe wherever he is right now, he has forgotten about you, and probably he must have married by now and having fun with his family and you are here wasting your time for nobody. OK, if not, how come he never returned for you?" Onyi asks, trying to convince Anna to forget about her lost love.

"Look at me, Sis" Onyi demands, gently.

When Anna who was facing downward, trying to prevent her sister from noticing the tears flowing down her cheeks raised her head, Onyi was astounded.

"Oh my, Anna what are you doing? OK I'm sorry for hurting you with my words, I was only trying to help and besides, we are in a public place, stop embarrassing us" Onyi said warmly as they quietly went inside a free lecture hall.

"Onyi? Anna called softly and said: "You know I have tried given a chance to other guys to know if anyone can fill in the space, but none worked out. When you called me yesterday night, telling me about your marriage proposal, it all fell down on me that the hour is approaching"

"Which hour?" Onyi interrupts

"The time you will leave home and start living with your husband and I will be all alone."

"Anna dear, you are the one pinning yourself down with a man who you no longer exist in his heart. Why not give Ebuka a chance, all he need is just your 'yes', I believe he is the perfect match for you. That guy has........"

"Onyi, please" Anna cut in; "Please don't soil my mood more with Ebuka's issue, that guy stinks, he doesn't even know how to combine attires, he is such a..."

"But you can change him" Onyi cut in. When I found myself falling heads over heels in love with Austin, I noticed he was lacking in some areas, so in order to be perfect for me, I worked on him, he appreciated the idea. I am glad physical issues are the only complaints you have about him, and you know one cannot be perfect in all aspect of his or her life. If you say he stinks, that is not much of a problem, perfumes and deodorants can solve that, then in the side of attires, changing of wardrobe will do the fixing. 
Onyi continued: "You know some business men hardly have time for their appearances, but they are ready to appreciate it whenever the woman they love makes a move in helping them fix those areas they are lacking and Ebuka, being the nice guy he is, will welcome the idea because he is ready to do anything just to win your heart.
Sis, If we get married the same day, won't that be an awesome experience?"

"Anna nodded"

Onyi continued: do you know what?


"I will see to it that it turns a reality, so I am giving you 5 months to make up your mind, I believe five months is more than enough and you will start going crazy for him just like I'm doing right now for Austin"

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to be continued......

The author of Kukere Sisters is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be use, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author..



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