Kukere Sisters: Episode 4

"No Sunshine, its a secret buried deep in my heart, but your presence in my life has rendered it valueless" he explains, calmly
"OK My Love, please tell me this secret of yours, I am eager to hear" she says as their eyes locked.

He held her face and kissed her. Austin was a good kisser, one thing Onyinye never had control over was the way he kiss.
As he was kissing her, their veins tightened, when he left the lips and started going down the neck, Onyinye tried to stop him. But he never heeded to her words, this time he held her banana cuped boobs, tickling it with his lips.
In a faint voice, she pleaded with him to stop.

Onyinye and Austin had known each other for two years, but never engaged in any sexual relation.
She claimed to him she was a virgin and vowed to protect it till her wedding night. The proud Austin on the other hand vowed to make her his wife.

Onyinye desired to have him so badly that night, but when she had a vista of what the outcome would be, she forcefully got hold of herself, posed a strong resistance, stopping Austin who was already set to gorge her.

"Sunshine, why are you stopping me, don't you trust me?" He asks

"No My Love, its not a matter of trust, have you forgotten your promise?"

"But you are already my wife now..."

"Not yet ooo" she cut in: "You have not done anything on my head and you are saying I am your wife, akuko gi adiro mma oo (slang: your story is not good)"

She frowned childishly and said: "My Love, I want to read now, you know I have quiz tomorrow".

Austin who was already feeling jilted quietly left the room and slammed the door.

Onyinye felt bad and started regretting why she stored herself in such lie of been a virgin from the beginning of the relationship, but later waved off the feelings and assured herself that the lie was worth it, it was the base of Austin's undying love for her. 
After going through some topics, she dozed off.

The next morning, she reminisced how bad Austin felt in the previous night, still racing with her thoughts, a calm bang was heard from the door.

"Come in Love, since when did you start knocking on the door before entering?" She asked feeling guilty.

He hummed and said: "I am just being careful, and about last night, I am sorry for......"

"Ssh...." she interrupts him; ''don't be, if anyone should apologies here, it should be me.''

"No Sunshine, you are getting it all wrong, I only wanted to tell you how proud I am for having you in my life, upon all I did last night, yet you still maintained your stance, your pride and virginity. My Sunshine, you are one in a million" he said praising her.

"My love please stop naa..., you know I always feel somehow whenever you start praising me like that"

He laughed softly and said: "I am only telling you the real truth, my sunshine."

Around 7:34 am, they both got ready for the day's activities.
When Onyinye reached her department, her Sister Anna was already waiting for her.

"Here you are, you lover girl"

"Stop it joor" Onyi says, playfully.

"So, where is he from, what's his occupation?" Concerned Anna asked.

"Ow, you mean My Austin?" She replied.

"Austin! is his name Austin?" Anna asked looking shocked.

"Yes, his name is Austin and why are you looking like that?

"You know last night, I had a dream where I was in a serious battle with an unknown man whose name was Austin. That dream was very strange because I have never had that kind of dream before, it looked so real?" 

Onyinye laughed and said: Anna dear, so you mean you battled with my own Austin in your dream?" She asks and continued laughing.

But when she saw how disturbed her sister was over the dream because she's one of the people who take dreams seriously, she  asked: OK describe how the man you saw in the dream looked."
But the description she gave did not resemble Onyinye's own Austin.

"You see, my own Austin is not even fair in complexion, I have told you several times to stop taking dreams seriously" Onyi says.

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To be continued

The author of Kukere Sisters is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be use, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author..



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