Kukere Sisters: Episode 24

"But his house looks completely locked, which means nobody is inside." Onyi sighed a relief and continued:"I think its time I call home and tell them what is happening, Anna is nowhere to be found. I hope she is OK wherever she is"

Immediately she pressed her phone to call her mother, Anna called.

"Anna! Oh my goodness!! Where are you? Worried Onyinye asked.

"I saw your calls now, I followed a friend to her village in Delta. The day we were leaving, I checked your place, but you were not around" Anna said

"But you should have called my cellphone".

"We were in a hurry that very day, so I forgot to call, and my phone has been developing series of problems, sometimes I will not know that somebody is calling "she lied.

"OK, try and repair it. It feels bad when someone calls and nobody answers. So when are you returning?"

"I'm returning tomorrow, and hopefully, I'm returning with good news"

"Wow, goodnews? Please gist me"

"Not yet, when I return"

"Hmm, Ok, I can't wait to hear it, and while returning, get something for me oo" Onyi requested.

"Yes, I will. What would you like me to get for you?"

"Hmm, anything you know I will like".

"Alright, tomorrow then" Anna said and disconnected the call and said to herself: "I know you must be getting yourself worried unnecessarily, that's why I called.

"What was I even thinking? I must be very crazy for doubting my sister's love. She is in Delta State and not in Austin's place, I have wasted my money for rubbish reason. Let me use this opportunity to branch home, since nothing is happening in school" Onyi said and headed home.

When Austin arrived his village, he never knew the reason Mama asked him to come and see her, the only thing she told him was that, it was urgent. He rushed home thinking she was critically sick. But when he found her in good health, he relieved from the worries and started fighting his mind on why she called him.

"My son, how is the city? See how slim and shabby you look, you are not looking fresh, are you eating at all?" Mama worries.

He chuckled and said:"Mama, slim people are healthy people, so you want me to get fat and have a pot belly?"

"Don't you see how Ejike your brother is? That's why you need a wife to be cooking for you"

"Ma..ma! Don't worry, when the time comes, I will marry a good wife for you, who will also love you like I do, oo Nnem oma oo(Sweet mother) Agbara nwanyi!(Great woman)" Austin said, praising his mother.

Her head swelled, laughing and watching her favourite son praising her, wishing for his child to be born soon so that she can carry him before 'kicking the bucket'.

"Mama, where is Obioma?"

"She went to the market to buy some food stuffs with her friend" Mama said

"Which of her friend, because I know some of her friends? Austin asked.

"Nwam, this her new friend is an ideal woman for marriage. Ever since Obioma came with her, she has been taking care of the whole house, cooking meals, washing my clothes, sweeping the whole compound. She is a cultured girl from a very humble background.

"She is the kind of woman I would love you to marry. In fact, I have chosen her already for you. Above all, she is beautiful and knows how to cook very well" Mama said eyeing him to know if he is buying what she is saying.

Austin laughed out loudly and called: Ma...ma! and laughed again:"This girl you are praising like this, she must be an extraordinary lady o. Seriously, I must see her, if she satisfy my eyes, then I will marry her for you?"

"Nwa ma obi Nne ya(son that knows the heart of his mother) but promise me you will not get angry when you see her?

"No Mama, and why should I" Austin asked wondering why she asked him not to be angry." Or does she have any physical deformity".

"No, my son, don't worry, you will see her soon. Did your brother tell you anything on phone? Mama asked.

"The last time he called me was day before yesterday, he said we needed to see, that we have something serious to discuss"

"OK, he is supposed to be here, I don't know what is still holding him" Mama said looking at the compound entrance.

"Mama, is there any problem? You called me and Ejike at same time" Austin worries.

"No no my son, or is it a bad thing to see my two sons at same time? You know, very soon my journey will end. The other day I saw your father sitting at that his favorite chair waving at me, smiling"

"Stop it Mama, Papa died many years ago, you don't know what you saw" Austin shunned her.

"My son, when you attain my age, you will understand me better"

As they were still discussing, Ejike arrived, and Mama stood up to welcome him. After 7 minutes Ejike arrived, Anna and Obioma returned.
As soon as Austin saw her, his heart rumbled, boiling in anger that Anna wanted to use his mother to gain a space in his life.

"Mama what is the meaning of this?"he fumes

"The meaning of what, my son?" Mama asked.

"I mean her" Austin said pointing at Anna who was standing behind Obioma pretending to be shivering in fear, twisting her knuckles.

"What about her?" Mama asked disguising her gestures, so that Austin will not leave in anger because she can always predict what her son can do in any situation.

"Please sit down my son, you saw a woman and jumped out of your sit as if you saw a ghost" Mama said laughing, giving Ejike sign to sit beside him.

Anna and Obioma were asked to go inside to bring food for them. 

"Mama, I don't want that witch to touch my food, infact I'm not eating" he raked.
"Nwam(son), will you reject your mother's food?"

"Mama, you will not understand, to tell you the truth, you will not understand"

"What is it my son? Tell your mother what happened, you hear, tell me" 

Mama said pleading warmly in order to calm him down, convincing him to pour out his anger.

Ejike was just watching, waiting for the right time to throw in his own words.
Austin kept quiet for some minutes and told his mother what happened.
After recounting his pains. Mama who was listening very attentively said:"I was busy listening to know if you will mention a particular wrong Ebere committed, but none was mentioned, and from my years of experience, I can only understand you transferred your anger to this innocent girl whom you impregnated. I have observed her closely, and discovered she is a humble girl."

"So Mama, you are suggesting I marry her, do you understand I dont have any single love for her"

"My son, love builds with time, when I got married to the man your grandfather arranged for me, I never loved him, but with time, I discovered he was the best gift my father had ever given to me."

When Austin wanted to say something, mama interrupted:"Chijioke my son, that woman is pregnant with your child, don't abandon her or else any curse she lay on you will follow you forever, and I don't want to be in my grave crying, watching my son suffering in agony. Ebere is a nice girl, why not marry her for the sake of your child. Do this for me, I want to carry your child before I die" 

"But Mama, things have changed, things are no longer done like they used to during your time. I will take responsibility of the child. When she delivers, i will bring my child home and.."
Mama cut in: "Without the mother? No, our God in heaven will never accept that, I don't want to have my grandchild, my own blood outside his father's land, please do this for your mother, give me this happiness before I die" Mama said shedding tears.

Ejike was watching them, he doesn't like the way Mama was forcing him to accept a marriage that might ruin his happiness, but he decided to keep quiet for the sake of their mother. 
He only managed to advice him to do whatever he felt was right, but that was later that he told him that, not in the presence of the mother.

After watching how his mother was melting because of the issue, and all the persuasion, Austin decided to accept Anna but only to divorce her later. 

To be continued.....

The boom day is here already... Will the marriage take place? 

The author of Kukere Sisters is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be copied, use, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author..



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