Kukere Sisters: Episode 32

"Mummy, I forgot something, I need to reach home now" Anna said rising up from the bed.

"Eberechukwu, come on lie down and rest, what could be more important now than your health? And you have not being discharged yet." Please lie down." Mummy demanded.

"Mummy, you will not understand, I am healed now. And this thing I need to do is very important. Its about school, I need to do it right now, and all the necessary things I need are at home" Anna lied searching for a better excuse to get home immediately.

"Oh my goodness, Eberechukwu what is that thing that does not even have name?"

"Mummy, you will not understand"

"Ebere, you are not going anywhere, you are pregnant, your first priority is that baby, and as far as I am concerned, I will not allow you hurt that child. The doctor has given a strict instruction to have you under observation, so my daughter, relax. I am here with you. OK, what is that thing you said you need? Call your husband to help you with it" Mummy suggested.

"No mummy, I don't want to disturb him, he might be busy with work" Anna lied.

"Then let me call Onyinye then, she is still at your house preparing the food"

The 'still at your house' mummy mentioned ached her head the more. She wished to fly over to her house to see what was going on but Mummy refused.

So Mummy started wondering in her heart on what could be happening between her two daughters. The whole scenarios she had witnessed among the three came cracking her brain.
"There is something going on between them which I can't seem to figure out. What could be more important to Ebere than her health or is she seeking for an excuse for the same thing I am thinking? The picture is not clear but I am having an odd feelings that something is going on. But one thing is sure, I must surely find out what it is"

When Anna found out the road was not clear for her to rush home and prevent Austin and Onyinye from making up, she decided to lay back, praying for her God to prevent such situation from occurring between them.

Onyinye thought that Austin had forgotten everything about her. Her reason for rejecting to follow him earlier was to avoid any taunt from him as regarding to what happened between them.

When he gave her the money and the keys to the house, Onyi silently cried in her heart, reminisced when he promised to give her keys to the house so that she can visit anytime she want as the future wife, but not knowing what the future held.
So she collected the keys and went to the market for the food stuff.

About 50 minutes later, she returned and opened the door. As she was entering the house, she reminisced her love story with Austin, the same house, how she prayed fervently for Austin to make her his wife. When she remembered how she saw her sister's slippers in the house, she burst into tears, wailing Anna! Anna!! Where have I gone wrong that made you inflict me with so much pains? Is it now a crime to have a sister? Oh God, how can I forget Austin, God tell me, how can I forget him?......she continued crying out her heart thinking she was all alone in the flat.

Immediately she entered the house, Austin who was scared of facing her hid at one corner, but was melted at what he discovered. He broke into pieces eavesdropping to Onyinye recounting her love story with him.
Onyinye continued crying, and entered Austin's room, and said:"You used to call me your Sunshine, what suddenly happened? Yes, I know, I know I lied, but lying being a virgin was the only sin I committed against our love. When we met newly, you were so kind, so instead of loosing you, I lied to you I was a virgin, but I never knew that, I was destroying my one chance of being your love for ever. With time I starting falling madly for you, but still lacked the courage of revealing the truth. But apart from that, accusing me of cheating on you was very wrong. Only God can bear me witness that I never cheated on you right from the first day I declared my love for you" Onyi lamented, crying and sneezing out.
Austin's heart was shattered completely, he had gotten all the details he needed to find out from Onyinye. So everything was manipulated by Anna, he broke into tears, regretting himself, asking "why him".

Onyinye stopped for a moment after she heard a faint sound. She used her handkerchief and wiped her face, and headed towards the side the sound came from.
When she saw Austin squatting, releasing tears, she ran to him, asking him what happened. Onyinye was scared then, she taught he received a call from the hospital that something had happened to her sister.

"Sir Austin, what happened? Please tell me, is my sister alright? Sir Austin please say something"
But he did not say a word. He kept on crying like a kid.

Onyinye rushed towards her bag to bring her phone to call Mummy, Austin called:"My Sunshine, I doubted your love for me. I doubted your kindness and love for humanity."
Onyi stood still like someone they poured chilled water listening to what he was saying.

"Sir Austin, when did you entered the house, did I forgot to lock the door?"

"No, I entered with my spare key, but I was here before you entered, I heard everything, the truth is now in front of me. I misjudged you, my Sunshine, I did"

"Sir Austin, what are you saying, you heard nothing. Don't mind all those things I was saying. What matters now is your love for my sister, what happened between us has been casted in the past now. We should learn to move on, dropping the past behind us."

"My Sunshine" Austin called standing up.:"what kind of human being are you? Despite all she did to you, yet you still care for her happiness? I must confess, your heart is made of gold. But you have to know she was the one who forced herself on me, I never meant to marry her "

"Sir Austin, she is carrying your child, so how did she force herself on you?" Onyi asked

"My Sunshine, I am sorry for everything, I know I have being a jerk" Austin pleaded kneeling down, touching Onyi's palms, crying.

Onyi love Austin so much, watching him cry weakened her strength. She asked him to stand up, that he shouldn't kneel for her. When she bent to lift him up, Austin rushed her mouth, and planted a kiss on it. Onyi tried to resist him, but her love for him was too strong, she gave in to the kiss and they fell on the floor. The Kiss was so intense that Austin rushed her body, planted his mouth on her ni.ple, Onyi was totally lost. As Austin was doing that, he determined in his heart that he is quitting everything about Anna, reveal what happened to the two families, and get married to Onyinye.

With Onyinye, he is a complete man, with Onyinye, his happiness is complete.
They went deep in the love play, as soon Onyi remembered Anna, she pushed him away."Oh my God, Austin! What are we doing? You are my sister's husband." She rose up, and started shedding tears.

"But Onyinye, you know how much I love you, I am stopping your sister's fake marriage with me today"

But Onyi was no longer interested in what he was saying, she hurriedly dressed herself, took her purse, carried the foodstuffs she bought and ran away. Austin tried to stop her, she never heeded to him.

Austin hit the wall, cursing himself for making such a mistake. "Onyinye, you still remain mine, I will never marry any other woman in this world. Even if I have to wait for eternity, I must make you my world.

Anna was so anxious in the hospital, "just look at the time, its almost 2 hours, Onyinye has not returned" she said in her heart.

When her mother excused herself to buy water from downstairs, Anna said in her heart"thank God, I have seen the opportunity I have looking for. She sneaked out, and followed the other entrance and left.
All her mind was fixed at where Onyinye and Austin were, that she failed to check the road before crossing and tragedy occurred.

To be continued...........

What do you think happened to her? You guys should pray nothing happens to her oo......hehehe

The author of Kukere Sisters is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be copied, use, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author..


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