Kukere Sisters: Episode 31 by Ngozi Lovelyn O

Anna brought her phone to call Onyinye, but her number wasn't going through Onyi switched off her phone immediately she ended her call with Austin.

"I thought Cyko promised to love me for ever, why all this hatred? Is it because I fought for what was mine? Why all these? I am married to him, yet I can't share a room with him, I am close to him, yet I am far away from him. I can't even touch him. Is it now a crime to fight for one's right? Onyinye, I can't give you the space to wreck separation between Austin and I. You are beautiful and smart, it won't be hard for you to secure the love of another responsible guy, please leave Austin for me." Anna said to herself and tried Onyi's number again, it said switched off, and she angrily dropped the phone and slept off.

When Onyinye's mother woke up in the midnight to urinate, she saw Onyi's room wide open and how she was lying restlessly, she went inside, tapped her on the leg, asking her to lie properly.
As she was about to stand, Austin's passport fell off from her body.

"See the passport that fell off from your body" Mummy said, bending down to pick it.

"Mummy wait!" Onyi said stopping her, but it was already late. She had picked it already.

"Onyinyechukwu, is this not the picture of Ebere's husband?"

Onyinye who was caught off guard was short of the words to defend herself. So, she said the next thing that came to her mind.
"Ah ah! Ebere's husband? Are you sure? Let me see the passport" she asked stretching her arm.

As mummy was given her the passport, she saw the starch of tears on her face.
"Onyinye, have you been crying?"

"No mummy, it was catarrh. My nostrils blocked so I took one catarrh drug like that, so I think I'm good now" Onyi explained, but her mother was not satisfied with her response. She starred at her from head to toe and asked her to sit down.

"Onyinyechukwu, on the day of Ebere's wedding, you never wanted to come out, you pretended you were sick, and when you finally came out to meet your sister and her husband, the displeasure that ran through his face showed he had already had an encounter with you somewhere. I wanted to think over it, but decided to wave it off, I can't give meaning to irrelevant matters......and......"

"Mummy" Onyi cut in:" What are you trying to say?"

"Onyinye, what is going?"Mummy asked

"Going on like what, mummy? Is it because of this passport? I saw it from the book Ebere gave me. So I forgot to keep it back, and besides, I am still reading the book." Onyi said, showing her mother the story book she was reading before she slept off.

So finally, she was able the defend the situation. And the mother sighed a relief and left the room, asking her to switch off the light and close the door.

Onyi heaved a relief, touching her heart.
"Oops! I almost landed myself into trouble." She did as the mother instructed and finally went to bed.

The next morning, Anna woke up very sick.
"My husband, please take me to the hospital, I don't know what is wrong with me."

"Ebere, I have an important appointment to catch, as you can see, I am set to leave. Just take this money and take a cab to any hospital you like" he said counting the money to give her

"Baby, what could be more important than the health of your wife and your unborn baby?" Anna asked warmly.

"Please stop calling me "Baby", it irritates my ear each time you call me that. And who even made you my wife? Please take this money and go to any hospital you like. I heard there is one they opened newly at the junction." He said, dropping the money on the dining table and left.

Anna burst into tears:"Why me? Why me? This is not the kind of love I bargained for. I fought for pains thinking I was fighting for my love" she wailed bitterly.

When Austin wanted to drive out, a thought came to him, telling him he wasn't doing right:"What if that girl dies there, do you think the world and your conscience will spare you?"
He thought it for a while, and then went back to the house, asked her to get dressed and he took her to a hospital.

About afternoon, he called the mother that Ebere was admitted to the hospital.
"Adam Nwanyi(My first daughter), in the hospital? What did the doctors said that is wrong with her and how is the baby?"
When Austin wanted to tell her what the doctor said, she interrupted him.

"Do you know what, I am coming right away, text me the address of the hospital." Mama said, and told Onyinye to follow her to the hospital.

"Hospital? What is the matter Mama?"

"Your sister was admitted to the hospital"

"Anna, in the hospital? Oh my God."
The mother and daughter hurriedly changed into another cloth and left for the hospital.
When they reached hospital, Anna was in deep sleep.

She touched her and said:"My daughter, see how frail you look, are you even eating at all?"

Austin was busy giving Onyinye a side look, he felt instant happiness watching her.

"Mama, we have to make arrangement for tonight, the doctor demands she will stay in the hospital for a day or two to have a close observation on her" Austin said.

"Do you know what, I need her to eat vegetable soup this night. Onyinye, you will go home and prepare a good vegetable soup for your sister. I will stay in the hospital with her. My Inlaw, if you have anywhere you want to go to, you can see to that now, I will watch over her." Mummy said.

Onyi said OK, setting to leave.

"Onyinye, my house is not far from here, just take this money, go to the market, buy the food items and prepare it at my place. Instead of stressing yourself going back home, you know its far from here." Austin suggested.

"No, don't bother about me, Sir,  I prefer cooking it at my home."

"No my daughter, I think he is right, his place is also your sister's place. Its even better so that you will help get some of the things she will need for the night."

Austin nodded his head in affirmation to what mummy said.
Onyi was left with no other option than to accept before she start suspecting her again.

Two hours later, Anna woke up and saw her mother. She was surprised.
"Mama, you are here?"

"My daughter, I rushed as soon as I heard. Onyinye was also here with me, but she left with your husband to prepare vegetable soup for you, your favourite soup"

"What?.......since when?" Anna asked in sheer dismay.

"About 2 hours ago" Mummy replied.

"And you allowed her?" Anna asked

"What kind of question is that, Ebere? What did you mean by 'I allowed her'?" Mummy asked looking confused.

To be continued......

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