Kukere Sisters: Episode 30

When Austin returned to his house, he lost all his happiness, hit himself for being so stupid.
"Austin, you are not a man, you allowed a woman to drag you around without you, making use of your common sense." He said scolding himself.
He managed to take his bath, entered the kitchen and prepared some noodles. He vowed never to touch any food prepared by Anna. But he never allowed her go hungry, he made sure food never lacked in the house, but the only thing was that, he never ate food prepared by her. If he desire to eat a home made food, he prepare it himself.

After eating the food, he retired to his bed and started refreshing his memory on how everything happened. He remembered Onyi telling him about a female undies she saw in his wardrobe, and how she angrily left.

"That was all Ebere's plans, she was the one who set those undies in my wardrobe so that Onyi could get flared when she sees them. OK, but what about the boy I saw her with. Who was that boy? Was he part of Ebere's plans? Ooh, somebody should help me understand, my head is cracking up!" Austin said hitting his head on the pillow.

So he reached his phone, tried to dial Onyinye's number, but his mind did not support it. He dropped it and said: "I don't know what she will think when she sees my call, its unwise calling her. But I need to hear from her first....just look at me, this is something I should have done first before breaking up with her, I did not even cared to hear her explanation."
"I hope its not too late for me.........I am now getting a clear picture of everything that happened that day. The only thing I need to clarify now is who that guy was. Its better I call her, there is no harm in trying"

He gathered some courage and called.
Onyi was surprised to see his call. She thought he was calling regarding her sister and the baby, so she quickly answered him.
Austin was so glad she picked once without giving him the stress of trying several times.

"Hello Onyi, how are you?" He asked
"My Inlaw, good evening sir" Onyi greeted.
Austin's heart blocked when she called him her 'Inlaw', he forgot for a minute he was already marrying her sister.
He cleared his throat and replied:"Good evening Onyinye, how was your day?"
"My day was fine, long time, please how is my sister doing?"
"She is doing good" Austin replied and said to himself "she is sounding so cool, does it mean she has forgotten everything about me. I expected to sense some hatred in her voice, but she is cool. Oh my world. This girl is such an extreordinary human being"
"Hello Sir Austin, are you there?" Onyi asked
"Sir Austin? You are calling me sir Austin?" Austin asked as his heart got broken the more.
"Wait, I don't understand, I really don't understand, can you explain your last statement?" Onyi asked
"Ooh no, don't mind me, I was just carried away. So where are you?"
"I am at home. How is my sister and the baby doing, hope my little niece is kicking?"
Austin giggled and asked:"you want a niece.
I want the baby to be a boy oo, don't wish me a girl please " Austin said and laughed out softly and the both laughed together.

Austin lost the courage of asking Onyi what he had in my mind of asking her. So he diverted the question.
"How is Mom and Dad? Hope they are fine."
"Yes everybody is good..... Sir Austin, I have to go now, my regards to my sister, Anna"

Austin who never wanted the call to end so quickly reluctantly said OK and they bid goodnight. Immediately he dropped his phone, he said: "I can't deny it, I am still madly in love with Onyinye. Wow, see how peaceful my heart felt while talking to her. What have I done to myself. God, please can you turn back the hands of time? I accept my mistakes and weaknesses, can you help me?"Austin pleaded weeping, and dropped a tear.

Onyi on her own side never wanted to end the call. But because she was already loosing her voice, she ended it immediately so that Austin will not notice and she burst into tears again. "The wound of loosing Austin can never be healed" She wept bitterly and reached for her purse where she kept Austin's passport. Brought it out and started asking him why he left her, why he stabbed her heart mercilessly. She slumped her head on the pillow wishing for death to carry her away from this wicked world, that she can't bear the pains anymore. If Austin had married someone else who was no way related to her, maybe with time, she would extricate his memories from her mind. But marrying her sister remained a constant refresher of her wound.(***tears****)
As she was crying, she placed the passport on her chest and slept off, forgetting to close the door.

When Austin was discussing with Onyi on the phone, he never knew Anna was eavesdropping to their conversations. After listening to them, she tiptoed and entered her room.

"What did I just hear? So Austin is still in love with Onyinye? I have to do something fast, because I know the kind of person Austin is. He never fails in getting anything he wants. I have to do something before its too late."she said sitting down.
"Or maybe, I have been too hard on him. I am the one who is pregnant here, why shouldn't I use this weapon to lure him to my side and tie him down? That's what I should do." She suggested and left to Austin's room and knocked.
"What is it?" Austin asked.
"Baby, please I am having a serious headache, I need your help"
"Don't you have any relief drug with you there?" Austin asked.
"I have but my fever is getting higher" she lied.
Austin rosed, opened the door and she entered his room. He asked her how the sickness is doing her. She fed him some lies. He then asked her to sleep that she will feel relieved the next morning.
But when she wanted to lie on his bed,
he stopped her, and pointed towards the visitors room.
"Baby, what have I done that made you hate me like this?"

"Everything" Austin replied

"Why can't I sleep in same room with my husband?"

"Who is your husband?" Austin snapped.

"This is not fair oo. Were you not the one who put me in this condition? Were you not the one who came to my father's house and married me off? Why all this hatred, why?" Anna asked sobbing

"Ebere, I want you to give me an answer to this question, show me where its written that one must marry the woman he impregnated? So Ebere answer me?
"You forced yourself on me through your cunning ways......You! Ebere You!....... Don't worry, I will help you regret ever causing my separation from Onyi.."
"And wait a minute, I have been trying to figure this out, that guy you showed me claiming he was Onyi's school boyfriend, was he actually her school boyfriend?"

Anna who was sobbing raised her head and looked at Austin "I told you that I am sick, and you are treating me this way, nothing should happen to this baby oo" Anna sobbed diverting the question.

"Ebere, listen and listen very carefully. If I ever findout you fabricated all those lies against your own blood sister, I swear, you will regret ever knowing the name "Eze Chijioke Austin, Akusinanwata 1 a.k.a CYKO" Austin raged and walked her out of his room.

Anna who couldn't believe Austin could be that mean said"Its high time I took the next action before its too late for me. I reject to be humiliated". She knocked her thumbs in rejection, picked her phone to call her sister Onyinye.

To be continued...

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The author of Kukere Sisters is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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