Kukere Sisters: Episode 29

"Oh my world! Did Austin just brought in another woman into this house?...............Not when I'm still alive"Anna who couldn't endure the sight of another woman battling her love for Austin arose, and went to Austin's room.

She first listened to know if she can hear any unpleasant sound, but was raved when she discovered they were bathing together...
"Heeeeeee! In this house!! He is even bathing with her, I don die!.

She tried to storm in on them, but the door was locked from inside. She banged loudly, but Austin did not answer.

"Open this door now, Chijioke. Do you think I will sit and watch you humiliate me like this. And as for that prostitute you brought into this house, I will destroy her this night. Nobody messes with me" Anna roared.

When Floxy, Austin's guest heard her mentioned Prostitute. Her anger burst.

"Austin, who is that person ranting outside" She asked.

"She is somebody you shouldn't bother yourself knowing"Austin replied

"But she called me a prostitute? Floxy flared

"Austin, I challenge you to open this door now, I will tear that ashawo into pieces." Anna continued ranting outside.

"Austin, I ask you again, who is she, so you are married? ..." Floxy asked

"Floxy, I have told you she is not worth knowing"....... but after seeing the look on her face Austin decided to tell her: "My mother forced her into my life after she realized she is pregnant for me"

"Pregnant, for you? Floxy blurted

"Yes, pregnant for me, any problem with that?"

"But you did not tell me?"

"And why should I? I just told you my mother forced me into marrying her. She succeeded in forcing her ways into my house, but that does not mean she has found a place in my heart, the only relationship that exist between her and I, is the baby in her stomach. I am only honouring my mother's wish, once she delivers. I am getting rid of her."


"But what? Austin cut in:"You women are so difficult to understand. Are you now suddenly, so interested in me? You are here to fu...k me like you have been bragging, so I want to see what you can do"

As he was still speaking, Anna banged loudly on the door again.

"What the heck! Is she still standing outside my door?" he asked reaching for the door handle.

"Ebere! What is it, why are you disturbing my peace?"

"Chijioke, get out of my way let me deal with that "ashawo" you brought into this house.

"Mind your tongue you wretched thing. I won't tolerate such insult?" Floxy snapped

"Heeii! Did she just called me 'wretched'?" She asked trying to force her way into the room to fight Floxy.

"Oom, what is this Ebere, who gave you the impetus to fight my visitor, who do you think you are? For your information, you are nobody to me. Come on get out from here." Austin said pushing her away. And continued:"You have succeeded in conniving with my mother and sister to creep your lowlife into my house, but I am warning you to stay in your limit. Stay away from things that concerns me, or else you will not like what will be coming to you." Austin warned.

"Chijioke, didn't you hear what she called me, 'wretched'?" Anna angrily asked.

"I also heard the one you called her. I am replying you softly this time, but don't ever try this nonsense again" Austin warned

"Chijioke, not in this house, I can never allow you treat me like a piece of trash, do you hear me?"

Anna's last statement irked him, he fumed:"Ebere, if you can not obey my simple instructions in this house, you pack your things and return to your father's house, do you think I am so much interested in you nor that thing you have in your womb? Low life witch, who knew how you manipulated everything and cleared your sister out of the way, your own blood sister for that matter. Sisters are meant to protect and look out for one another, but you...yours seemed to be different"

"Chijioke, what are you even saying, is it not because of my effort that you discovered the kind of person she is, you should be thanking me for that" Anna said.

"Thank you by marrying you? Are you better than her?....…Ebere, I want to have a quiet time with my visitor, I don't want any disturbance again." Austin warned, and then slammed the door to her face

When Floxy wanted to touch him, he asked:" How much do you say I should give you again?"

"Just 25k"

"Now get undress" he meanly demanded

And she did.

"Come closer" Austin requested
He gently squeezed her b$$bs, svvked it and then asked her to dance for him while he watched.

Anna made Austin to lose respect he had for women. Onyinye was the only woman he ever loved, but Anna's manipulation against her made him lost all the trust he had for women, he started seeing them as a mere instrument for sexual satisfaction.

While watching Floxy dance, he reminisced the cheerful and romantic moment he spent with Onyinye, how gentle and kind she was.

"But Onyi, My Sunshine, why did you prefer a common schoolboy to the precious love I had for you. You also lied to me about being a virgin. But that one was not my anger. You played me for a fool. You wanted only my money, Onyi why, why, why?" He rhetorics..

After getting in the mood, he asked Floxy to come over to be the bed. And the s&x smacking began, later they slept off.

Anna was in the room crying. Hitting herself for not playing the game perfectly.
"I was so busy trying to clear Onyi from the way forgetting the important part. Now he has themed me evil. What a terrible mistake I have made. I should have pretended not knowing that Onyi was the one he was dating. I am all alone in this battle now. I can't call my Mom, because she might find out what I did, I can't call Onyi because she had severed all ties with me, I guess. I can't even call Obioma because Austin might have told her what I did. I have to bear this burden alone, I know that one day, Austin will return to his senses, and after this my baby is born, he won't have any other option than to accept us" Anna consoled herself and then slept.

The next day, about evening, Austin was returning from work and branched at a popular Bar in the street.

He met his very good friend, Dozie who told him how unhappy he felt when he heard about his marriage without inviting him.
"Oh boy, its not what you think. That marriage was hanged on my neck by my mother oo. And uptill now, I am still regretting why I accepted to listen to her in the first place. It was just a family thing, we had to rush because she was already pregnant"

"So you finally deflowered her?" Dozie teased

"Hahahaha, my brother, if I tell you my story, you will pity for me. If I told you that I married Onyinye's elder sister, you won't believe me"

"How? I don't understand" Dozie asked

"Dozie, two sisters played kukere on my head. Infact, I was played by two 'kukere sisters'. OK, let me tell you my story."
After hearing his story, Dozie was able to pinpoint Austin's mistake and threw it at his face.

"My man! You made a grave mistake. You failed to give Onyinye a listening ear. You acted under what another person told you, without carrying out your own proper investigation. You know how evil women can be when they are desperate. You should have talked to someone first before making any decision. Yes Onyi lied, but there are reasons behind things people do. Now, its already late, you have to live with this for the rest of your life."

"No, Dozie, its never late for me, I can't stand the sight of that girl, Ebere, or else I will die before my time, I need to be happy in marriage, but not with somebody like her." Austin said gulping his beer and continued:"You have opened my eyes now, I have been such a fool. But its time to make things right again."

He reminisced how Onyi wished her sister a Happy married life on the day of the wedding without raising any dust. And he soliloquies:"such a kind, lovely and humble girl"

To be continued...

The author of Kukere Sisters is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be copied, use, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author..



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