Kukere Sisters: Episode 28

"Mama, why did you allowed brother Chijioke to leave?:Brother Ejike just told me now that he left without his wife?" Obioma asked

"Obioma, I don't know what is wrong with Chijioke, I have never seen him this mean and angry before"

"Even at that mama, did anybody used gun and forced him to marry her? Mama, we should not allow him to dump that innocent girl here oo. I don't like the way he behave sometimes"

"Obioma, I am suspecting something. Call Ebere for me first" Mama requested.

Obioma went and called Anna.

"Mama, you sent for me?" Anna asked.

"Yes my daughter, please sit down"

As she was sitting down, mama told her to always sit quietly, that she was pregnant, she should always care for her unborn baby.

After the duo settled quietly on a chair, Mama cleared her throat and asked:
"Ebere my daughter, I want you to tell me the truth, what is going on between you and my son, Chijioke"

"How? I don't understand mama" Anna replied, pretending not to know anything.

"Chijioke left some hours ago, when I asked him about you, I felt the rage in his eyes, I know my son, I have not seen him this angry before"

"Mama, don't worry yourself about him. You know how he later accepted to go on with the marriage, don't worry, with time he will come to accept the truth that I am his wife. I have faith in my God, he will never fail me" Anna said hoping for her wish to come to reality.

"OK my daughter, I admire your wisdom and the peaceful way you are following him. Your God will never disappoint you.
He will still come back to the village for you, don't worry about him, I know him well."

After 3 weeks, Anna was still in the village, no word had been heard from Austin. Mamas' worries kept increasing, she had sent countless messages to Austin, but he kept ignoring her.

Anna concluded in her heart that it was best she traveled to Onitsha to live with her husband, staying away from him won't open their love chapter. She relayed the idea to Mama and also seek for their help.

"Mama, staying away from him won't solve anything. Its better I'm in that house with him, he will get used to seeing me everyday, with time, he will have no other option than to love me." Anna suggested.

"You are right my daughter, I support your idea, but you don't have to go alone. I will go with you."

"No Mama, you are sick....you can't travel that far distance. I will ask Obioma to accompany me."

"No my daughter, I know Chijioke, my visit to the city will force him to have a change of heart."

"Alright Mama, thank you for loving me like your own daughter, you will..........."

"What are you saying?" Mama cut in:"You are my daughter Inlaw, and that makes you my daughter"

"OK Mama, sorry for making such statement...Since you will be going to the city with me, I will have to arrange for a taxi that will convey us from here to his house, so that you won't be stressed that much."

"OK my daughter."

The next day, Anna, Mama and Obioma traveled to Onitsha. When they reached his house, Austin was not around.
Mama told Obioma to call him on phone, that they are standing outside.

She reached for her phone and called:"Brother, I am standing outside your house with Mama"

"Outside where?"

"Your house!"

"Obioma, you brought Mama to Onitsha in her sick condition?"

"Yes naa, its not my fault, she had been sending you messages to see her, but you kept ignoring her"

"OK, who else is there with you?" Austin asked.
Mama had already given her sign not to tell him that Anna was with them. So she lied to him that it was only her and Mama.
Few minutes later, Austin arrived and saw them. Anna hid in one corner.

"Mama, sorry for keeping you outside, you should have informed me you were coming"

"You mean I need permission before visiting my son?"

"Its not what I mean mama, had it been you had informed me earlier, I would have prepared for your arrival."

"Open the door Chijioke" Mama demanded

After they went inside, mama asked:"you did not even ask me about your wife?"

Austin kept quiet and ignored the question.
"Mama, why are you here?" He asked

"Is it now a bad thing to visit my son?"

"Mama, you hardly come to the city, in fact, you don't like the city, because its not serene like the village"

As he was still speaking, Obioma opened the door for Anna.

"I knew it, I knew it" Austin irked, entering his room and shut the door.

Later in the night, Mama went and knock in his room, pleading for him to open the door.
"Mama, I want to be left alone."

"Chijioke, is me your mother, open the door, open my son. Forgive your mother if she has wronged you in anyway, I was only seeking out for your own good. I don't want any of my children to make mistakes in their lives, that's why I'm fighting like this to make things right. Please my son open the door, you know your mother's health status."

At the mentioning of the last statement, Austin's heart got melted and he opened the door.

"Chijioke, why this sudden change in attitude, what has that innocent girl done to you that you are punishing her like this? Or are you not the one who impregnated her?"

"Mama, you don't know what that girl did"

"No matter what she did, for the fact she is carrying your child, everything is settled"

She talked to him like a mother. Finally, he accepted to allow her stay but warned them not to interfere in anything that concerned his marriage again.

The next morning, Austin drove Mama and Obioma to the park.

Anna was rejoicing in her heart.
"At last, I have sneaked my way into his house forever. As for you Austin, forget this "ga-ga-ga-ga" you are doing, by the time I'm through with my womanly stuff on you eh, you will regret ever hating me in the first place". She said, smiling in jubilation.

About afternoon that very day, she called him on phone to know the food he would love for dinner. But he did not answer her call.

She called several times, but he did not answer. So she decided to use her own money to buy the food stuffs and then prepared it.

When Austin returned in the night, she greeted him, he answered, and asked her how the baby in the womb was doing. She said, "the baby is fine".
He said OK and entered his room.
When he entered and saw that Anna had already arranged her things in the wardrobe. He angrily took all her stuff and kept them in the visitors room.

"Ebere, never you step your foot into this room again. This boundary is demarcated between you and I. Here is the limit your leg can reach.

"But Baby"....

"Heeeeey! Don't baby me! The only bond that exist between us is that baby in your womb. And as for food, don't ever cook for me, somebody like you can kill. For the fact you exposed your sister like that, means you have a heart of stone. Evil sisters!"

Anna started shedding tears listening to all he was saying.

Austin hissed and slammed the door.
The next day, Austin returned home with another fair lady.
And Anna was left dumbfounded.

To be continued......

The author of Kukere Sisters is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be copied, use, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author..



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