Kukere Sisters: Episode 26

Finally, Austin arrived Anna's family house for the introduction. Anna's parents who already knew she was pregnant accepted the traditional marriage ceremony to be done in two weeks time but only in a low key, an infamily ceremony, the rest will be completed in money form, so that people will not notice what actually happened.

Anna accepted, for the fact it went inline of becoming Austin's wife.
But Onyi was not happy. She wanted it to be a big traditional wedding celebrated in their compound atleast as the Ada(first daughter) of the family, it should be a big ceremony. She expected Anna to react, but she kept mute, so she decided to accept their decision.

On the day of the introduction, Nonye was busy taking pictures. Anna saw her but kept quiet, and targeted the time she will be sleeping. Things went smoothly. Partially, Anna was already Austin's wife, but not fully until the final marriage rite is completed.
Later in the night when Nonye was sleeping, Anna took her phone and deleted all the videos and pictures. In the morning, she was so confused on what happened, on how all the videos and photos in her phone got deleted.
"Sister Ebere, I don't know what happened to all the videos and pictures in my phone..... Wait oo....... its like the memory card got wiped out, there is nothing in my phone again" Nonye said looking confused, pressing her phone.
When Onyi requested for photos, none was given to her. Nonye explained what happened.
She said no problem, that the big day was coming, she will witness it.
The wedding preparations were ongoing, everybody was happy. Anna already had her plans of sending Onyi away.
On the day of the wedding, Anna and Austin had not started speaking to each other freely. Sometimes, he reject her calls when he is not in the mood to speak to her.

Meanwhile, Anna arranged with some gangs to kidnap Onyi for 7 hours in order to prevent her from witnessing the event.

About 2:0pm, Obioma called Anna and told her they are about coming.
Anna went to where Onyi was, pretending to be nervous.

"Onyi, Cyko and his family will soon be here, and my cake has not arrived"
"You made cake, what for? The ceremony is just a family thing, the cake won't be necessary" Onyi replied.
"But, Onyi I have paid for it already"
"OK, what do you want me to do now?"
"The woman said she can't come, that she suddenly started feeling sick, that she can't make it, that I should send somebody to come and carry it"
"But Anna, its already late now, forget it, and besides, I don't want to miss my big sister's trad, even though, its not the way I envisaged it to be"
"Onyi please, Austin...... I meant Cyko, and his people still have like 3 hours to be here, before they arrive, you must have returned, please sis, please, I will show you the shortcut to follow" Anna said pleading.
"Hmm.... Anna.......OK, give me the woman's address"
"Yea, I love you sis, you are the best....." Anna thanked her.

When she was leaving, Anna showed her the shortcut to follow, that the main road was closer if she follow that route. She said Ok and left, not knowing that the guys Anna paid to kidnap her were already mounted on the path waiting for her to pass.

On her way, she met an old woman who knew her father. She greeted her and passed.
"My daughter, where are you going?" The woman called her back.
"Mama, I want to follow this shortcut to get to the main road."
"Don't follow that road my daughter. I met some young men when I went to the bush to get something, they look dangerous and I have not seen their faces before in this village"
The woman instilled fear in Onyinye who did a u-turn immediately and followed the other part she knew.
Fortunately, the old woman saved her from falling into the hands of the kidnappers.
When she reached the main road, she boarded a bus going to town. As the bus was moving, a passenger tapped her from behind. When she looked, it was Kingsley, one of Anna's friends whom she had a drink with the day Austin accused her of leaving Onitsha to spend a night with her school boyfriend, blocking his number from reaching her
"Haa, Kingsley, oh my world! What are you doing in this village?"
"This is my village" Kingsley answered.
"Are you serious? Wow, this is a small world oo" Onyi said.
"That's it my sister. So, you, what are you doing in the village? Because, according to Anna, you guys live in the city." Kingsley asked.
"Anna is having her traditional marriage today"
"What! you don't mean it! She didn't care to invite her friends?"
"No, its just a family thing, the big event will be in the white wedding"
"But it doesn't mean anything"
As they were still discussing, their vehicle reached the final bus-stop and they alighted.
"And that reminds me, what happened to you that night?" Kingsley asked
"Which night?"
"That night we went to........."
"Ook.....Onyi cut in:"I remembered now. But what happened?"
"I meant, you got us all worried that night, you only took juice and started feeling tipsy, like somebody who took alcohol. I had to carry you to one of the rooms Anna paid for."
As he was still talking, her mind flashed back to Austin, on how he was accusing her of sleeping with her school boyfriend in the hotel, and how he held her that night.
"I don't think I have a vivid idea of what happened to me that night. Please I want to ask you something" Onyi asked
"Go on"
"That day, you held me on my waist, right?"
"Yes, but nothing attached to it oo, I was only helping you get to the hotel room as Anna requested"he replied laughing.
"OK, did any man come looking for me or Anna that day?"
"Yes, I saw her with one man that night, he rides one ash car like that. But why all the questions?"
Onyi laughed and said:"nothing. just wanted to confirm something." She said acting cool. Everything was now clear to her. And later they bid farewell.
"Anna... Anna... Anna...Anna..Anna.. Eberechukwu.. Anna..Anna" 
Onyi kept callin her name, searching for the words to describe what her sister did to her.

"Is this why she kept calling Austin each time she wants to refer to Cyko. I should have known all this while. Should I rush back home now, or should I get the cake she sent me to get?.......Let me complete the message and return home" Onyi said crying bitterly in her heart.

When she reached town, she found out the address she gave her does not exist, she asked many people, but she couldn't find the address

"This explains everything...Anna, you are a demon inform of a woman. Anyway, let me reach home first, just to be sure."

1hr30mins later, Onyi stormed home, and saw Austin in their compound...... He was the one who came to marry her sister.......

The author of Kukere Sisters is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be copied, use, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author..



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