Kukere Sisters: Episode 21

"Please, who are you?" Anna asked in a mean face.

"What kind of question is this, I 
should be the one asking you that?

"Hmm, please step out of the way" Anna said forcing herself inside.

"See me see wahala oo" Obioma clapped her palms in a disgusting manner watching Anna.

"Madam, please this is my brother's house, I demand to know who you are"

On hearing "my brother's house" Anna clicked her teeth, wired her face on the childish act she just performed.

"Hee! I don fuck up oo, see how I behaved so immaturely and childishly. OK I know what to do" She said in her heart and continued: Babe, I don't know you are Austin's sister, just that I have not seen you before that's why I thought you are........"

"His girlfriend?" Obioma cut in

"Exactly" Anna replied.

"But you just acted so immaturely, that's not how big girls behave" Obioma said.

"Yes, I know I fucked up, just that your brother has not been fair to me, is he around now?"

"No, he is not, didn't you call him on phone before coming? Obioma asked

"I did, but he keeps rejecting my calls"

"That means he doesn't want you here, and he did not inform me about anybody visiting, so you have to leave, when he returns in the evening, you come back"

"But where did he go to? Anna asked.

"He left very early this morning. Please Madam, you have to start going, I need to get back to my chores" Obioma requested.

"My dear, its necessary I see him, I can't leave without telling him the reason I came. It concerns another life."

"OK, let me call him on phone and tell him you are here. What is your name, please?

"Ebere" Anna answered, and said: "There is no need informing him, because he will ask you not to allow me step into his house. Please can I use the bathroom?" 
Anna asked, feeling so unease.

But before she could reach the bathroom, she started throwing up.
When she came out from the bathroom, she was looking so weak.

"What is wrong with you, or are you? Obioma asked.

"Obioma, you are Austin's sister, there is no need hiding anything from you. I am pregnant for your brother."

Obioma kept quite for some minutes staring at Anna and later asked: " Are you sure my brother is responsible, because you just told me he has not been picking your calls?"

"OK, let me tell you my story".
Anna sat down and explained everything to her, she also showed her the test result.

"Wow, this is quite a story. Well, only the mother knows the father of her child" Obioma said heaving a deep sigh.

"That's why its necessary I see him." Anna said.

"I understand, he is supposed to know. That means you will wait here while he returns."

"Alright, I am ready to wait. Thank you so much for giving me a listening ear. You are such a nice person"

"Ahh, its nothing, if not for anything, at least for that my Nephew in your womb." Obioma said and laughed out loudly, Anna joined suit.

As they were waiting for Austin, Anna kept winning her ways into Obioma's heart, so that she will always stand for her.

Her tricks seemed to be working.
In the afternoon, they went to a shopping mall.  She asked Obioma to pick some items that will not exceed 7k. Obioma happily did as she requested and wished for her brother to marry her.
Later in the evening, when Obioma was about to prepare dinner. Anna entered the kitchen and asked her to have some rest, that she will take care of the cooking.

"Don't worry, you know you are carrying my adorable nephew in that your tiny tummy, so I don't want anything to happen to him, so go and continue watching Zeeworld, which one are they showing now?" Obioma asked laughing softly.

Onyi laughed and replied: 'They are showing "Twist of Faith", but I insist you allow me do the cooking. Just goo.......... Give me 30 minutes, I will be through, so go and rest" Anna said dragging her intimately away from the kitchen.

"OK my brother's future wife, I will do as you say"

After some minutes, Anna was already done with the cooking. 
And they ate, waiting for Austin to return.
Immediately he arrived, 
Obioma suggested to Anna to hide in the visitor's room, that she will first talk to her brother before asking her to see him.

When Austin was served food after returning around 9:pm, the food was so thirsty that he had to call his sister.
"Obioma, wow........... how come.......this food doesn't taste like your food, you have improved massively. Wow....." Austin praised.

"Brother? Obioma called.

"Yes" Austin answered.

"You know you are not getting any younger"

Austin looked her in the face, but kept mute and continued eating his food.

She continued: You need a wife in your life, you know Mama is very old now and sick, she has been pleading to see your grandchild before her demise."

Obioma, I thought I've told you what my ex-fiancé did to me? Why bringing up this wife issue again now? So you are now praying for mama to die like today today? Please allow me to enjoy my food"

"My sweet brother, easy naa.., forget this thing you are saying, all women are not the same oo.... And I'm not saying that Mama will be dying anytime soon. All I'm trying to assert is this, you have gotten the opportunity to put a smile on her face once more, you know you are her favorite. You have proven to be a complete man and I am so proud of you my sweet brother" 
Obioma said tapping his arm.

"Obioma, I don't understand you, where are all these talks emanating from?" Confused Austin asked.

"You are going to be a father soon, and the mother of your child was the one who prepared this sweet soup" Obioma said calling Anna from the room.

As soon as Anna entered the sitting room, Austin's heart fumed in anger, and immediately he jumped up from the dining sit.

"Obioma, what is the meaning of this?"

"Brother, just calm down and hear her out, she is pregnant with your child. OK see the test result" Obioma said handing him the leaf.

After looking at it, Austin tore it and threw the pieces at Anna's face.

"Do you think you can trap me with this? I have tried to be nice to you, but it seems its not working. And you Obioma, I only blame you for allowing this cheap woman into this house."

He turned to Anna and said: "Its meaningless asking you to leave this night, but before I return in the morning, you are already gone from here." Austin said walking out from them.

"But brother, where are you going now? Obioma asked.

"I can't stay under the same roof with this thing, I'm going to sleep in a hotel. But warn her, I don't want to meet her here tomorrow morning" Austin raged.

"But brother, you are getting it all wrong naa"

"Shut up your mouth or I shut it for you, you were the one who allowed her step her foot into this flat. You should have called me first" Austin flared.

But when Anna held him, trying to stop him from leaving. He slapped her. Anna was shocked that Austin could raise his hand on a woman. 
"Austin, did you just slap me" Anna asked bursting into tears

"This is just a tip of what I will do to you if I meet you here tomorrow morning. Nonsense."

To be continued...

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