Kukere Sisters: Episode 20

Three days later, Austin still severed his relationship with Onyinye. Anna had broke the news to her that she had found her missing love.

"Wow! How did you guys reconnected?"

"Just on the road oo, when I wanted to cross over, one man in Mercedes Benz car stopped, revised and started calling Ebere from inside, so I had to step away a bit to be sure he is somebody I know. But when he came down, I was shocked to see him...Cyko! I jumped on him, right there on the road" Anna said as her face glimmers.

"Oo, this is good news, I am so happy for you my Sister. But is he married? Onyi asked

"No, I don't think so. He told me how he had missed me, how he had been searching for me all over the places, that God has finally answered his prayers, he said now he has found me, marriage will be the next thing in his agenda. We also exchanged numbers."

"Its a lie! Anna, are you telling me the real truth or?"

"I am my sister, I can't even believe it myself"

"I am so happy for you my dear. We would have been planning our marriage together, but you have seen what Austin did.."

"Onyi forget Austin, real man who is worthy of your love will come. He is not man enough "

"Anna, the fault was mine, I shouldn't have lied to him that I was a virgin" Onyi said trying to cry.

"Shhh! Don't even try it, don't spill your precious tears for that looser. he doesn't worth it, trust me." Anna consoled.

"Well, you are right. One thing I know is this, if he is mine, he will surely come back for me"

"Now you are talking" Anna said, but rejected it in her heart:"you better forget him, he is mine, not even you can snatch him from me."

When Onyi wanted to get something from outside, she saw Anna's new slippers and said in her heart: "This slippers is kind of new, it's like she bought it newly"
"Anna dear, this your slippers looks different from the one I knew, did you just buy it?".

"Yes, I bought it newly" Anna replied

"But what happened to the former one? Onyi asked.

Anna who was busy with her phone got carried away, she never knew when the truth spilled from her mouth. But when she regained her self, she snapped..
"Did you just asked me about a slippers now?

"Yes, the slippers" Onyi replied looking so serious to hear what she had to say.

"This is my slippers naa, the one you know, I did not buy it newly, its because I polished it, that's why its shining like this" Anna explained, picking up the slippers from the floor, and said in her Heart: "I have to be very careful, its not yet time for her to find out"

"Since when did she start polishing her foot wears? Onyi asked in her heart and said to Anna: "Alright dear, let me get something from downstairs." 

As she was leaving, her heart kept beating bitter. "Why is my feelings keep telling me that something is wrong somewhere, but is it wise for me to be suspicious of my own sister? Austin has a Mercedes Benz Car too. Could this be a coincidence? Hmm, well, Anna can't be that kind of a girl, I better get rid of this evil thoughts before it gets full control of my conscience" Onyi said to herself.

Weeks later, Anna discovered a weapon she thought she will use to trap Austin forever, it was exactly what she wanted. 

"Now, this is my weapon to get Austin to marry me, I don't think he will have any other choice than to accept me as his wife"

Later, she sets off, but before going to Onitsha, she had already called Austin severally on phone, but he kept rejecting her calls. She then sent him a message that they have something important to discuss. Yet, he didn't reply. 
So she sets off at her usual time, because she was always an uninvited guest. But when she reached, it wasn't what she expected that she saw. A fair lady answered the door. Anna was shocked looking at the beautiful lady who opened the door for her.

To be continued....

Hmmmm, what do you think is that weapon? 

The author of Kukere Sisters is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be copied, use, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author..



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