Kukere Sisters: Episode 19

That night, Onyi couldn't sleep. She called her sister on phone to know if they were through with the study, but her phone was switched off.

"Ah ah, what is wrong with Anna's phone this days? All the time switch off, I hate this kind of thing" Onyi said flinging her phone on the mattress.
"Since I can't get Austin on phone, is it not better I travel down to Onitsha tomorrow morning? At least by then, his anger must have subsided. Yes, that is what I will do. I know he loves me, he can't stay angry with me forever. Very early in the morning, I will reach his house before he leaves for work" Onyi said  lying down to see if she can catch some sleep, but that was far fetched.

About 2:30 am, she was still awake, so she set her phone on alarm at 5:00am incase she gets carried away by sleep. Finally she slept and the alarm woke her by 5am. She said a short prayer, asking God to forgive her for lying to Austin and to also give him the heart to forgive her.
After the prayers, she got prepared and went to her sister's hostel to tell her about her movement, but was informed by her roommate that she did not sleep in the hostel that night.

"How come? But she told me she will...........never mind, when she returns tell her I went to Onitsha, also tell her to call me" Onyi messaged

"Alright, I will....I like this your gown ooo, but just that your face is not bright, hope you are OK?" Anna's roommate, Stella inquired

Onyi giggled weakly and explained:I am good my dear, I slept very late last night, that's why".

"OK then, safe journey" Stella wished her

After an hour, Onyi stormed Austin's apartment and knocked. When he opened the door, he was so displeased to see her, his anger escalated. 
They looked at each other for some minutes, but he was fuming with anger, reminiscing how that young man held her romantically on the waist that night.

"Onyinye, have I not warned you to forget everything about me? This relationship is over. Thanks to you, I will never trust any woman again. I'm sure you are not expecting to step your miserable foot into this house, go back to that your boyfriend, we are done"

"Austin, you should have told me you have another woman in your life, instead of making up stories. Now I know..." Onyi said looking down.

When Austin looked at the direction her eyes were staring at, he saw Anna's slippers, and said: "It doesn't matter anymore, you can think whatever you want to, I don't care. So leave and never come back."

As Austin was still speaking, Onyi remembered that her sister has the exact slippers but waved the thought off, that she can't be the only person to have that kind of slippers, but when she remembered she did not sleep in her hostel, she started having a second thought.

"What am I even thinking, it can't be Anna naw. It's not possible" Onyi said in her heart discarding the thoughts. But her feelings kept hitting stronger that Anna was inside that house.

"Austin, I want to see the woman you brought into your house, atleast to congratulate her for snatching you from me."

"Onyinye, do you think I'm joking? I'm going inside to prepare for work, and don't ever knock on this door again, or else I will tell the gateman to release the compound dog on you"

"Austin why are you being this mean to me? I never knew you could be this harsh" 

"Good you know, that's all you can get for turning me into a 'Mugu'. So now, leave quietly from here" Austin said and slammed the door to her face. 

"I must see that woman that want to snatch you from me, I'm not going anywhere oo. But why am I having this negative feelings that Anna is inside this house. Oh Lord, please forgive me for having this negative thoughts about my sister, but I must see to the end of this. Let me wait for her downstairs, I must surely see who she is" Onyi said to herself

When Austin entered inside to drag Anna out of his house, he discovered she had already left through the back door. She tiptoed without making any sound after she heard Onyinye's voice.

He sighed and said: Women! Una no go see me oo. Me! trust woman again?!! God forbid!!! 

Anna on her own side almost urinated on her pant when she heard Onyinye's voice from the door. She quickly gathered her things and left through the back door, wearing Austin's bathroom slippers, leaving her own behind.

"I pray she doesn't recognize my slippers. Anyway, I shouldn't worry, besides I'm not the only person that has that kind of slippers" she said, going straight to the park, boarded a bus and left. 56 minutes later, she reached Awka.

When she reached her Hostel, Stella relayed her sister's message to her.
"OK, I will call her now. Thanks" Anna said.

"But where were you last night? Stella asked.

Anna gave her a mean look and asked:"What kind of question is that, are you now my parents that inquire about my whereabouts?.

"Sorry oo, I didn't mean to get you angry, I was only trying to make you understand the importance of informing people close to you about your whereabouts, in case anything happens, they will know where to find you" Stella explained warmly.

"So you are praying for something to happen to me, right? It will never work for you" Anna snapped.

"Ah ah! Anna!! What is wrong with you this morning, why are you sounding so rude? 

Anna hissed and headed to the market to buy the exact slippers she left at Austin's place before Onyi start suspecting her.
On her way to the market, she called Onyi on phone asking her where she was, that she just checked her room, but found it locked.

"Oh! Anna is in Awka, and I was here thinking............ Oh my world!I don't know why I was carried away, what was I even thinking? How did I allow such thought to get hold of me?" Onyi said in her heart.

"Hello! Are you there?" Anna asked from the other end.

"Yes, yes I am here! My dear, I traveled to Onitsha this morning oo" Onyi replied.

"You did what? But I told you.........."

Onyi cut in:"I know but you have to understand the pains i'm going through, its not easy to make a sound judgement in this condition. I am leaving already, we will see when I return"
Anna said OK and they ended the call.

To be continued

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