Kukere Sisters: Episode 17

"You want to know the truth right?"
"Yes, that's why I'm here"
"OK, I will tell you the truth"
"I....I....e..e...r.m........I..I......." She stammered.
"You what?" Austin asked widening his eyes.

Onyinye lost the strength of telling him the truth, she never knew that day would come, she would have planned ahead of time, he caught her off guard.
Onyi remembered she only had from that day to Tuesday to get her vagina tight again like the woman promised, so she tried to look for an idea to buy more time. Because telling Austin the truth will kill the relationship, automatically.  She then remembered her friend who was a nurse, she worked with one hospital close to her hostel.

"OK, let's go to Pieta Hospital down the street and get this thing done with" She requested with a bold voice.

"Good" Austin replied.

As they were going, Onyi called Anna's number, it was switched off. When she tried to send her nurse friend a message, to inform her what will be happening in the next minutes in order to cover for her up, Austin demanded for her phone.

"Why should I give you my phone?" Onyi asked

"Are you now scared of me touching your phone, I used to go through it freely without you stopping me, you even gave me your password, remember? So what suddenly happened?" Austin asked controlling the steering.

"What are you even dragging at?
All of a sudden, you started doubting my virginity, and now you are accusing me of something I know nothing about, or is there something you are not telling me?"

Austin did not say anything again till they reached the clinic.

Immediately they entered, she rushed inside leaving him behind. Austin looked at her, smiled in disgust and shook his head.

When Onyi asked about Nurse Tessy, they told her she was very sick, that she just left the clinic.

She sighed in bewilderment, and said to herself: "There is no need lying anymore, I better tell him the truth, and accept what ever follows".

She turned to Austin and asked him to come to the car.

"Onyinye, we are here, I need this test to be done now"

"Yes, we are still on the same story, just come to the car"

When they reached the car, Onyi demanded they sit inside because she knew once she tells him the truth, he might create a scene.

"Austin, you know when we met newly, I never knew we will....."

Austin cut in:" I dont have time for all these long grammar, are you st....."

"No! No!! I am not" Onyi blurted closing her eyes in fear.

Austin became silent in shock for a minute and said: "So because of that your school boyfriend you left Onitsha without even informing me, am I that a fool?... When are you planning on dumping me?" Austin asked in heavy heart

"Noo! Nooo!!" Onyinye interrupted."I don't have any school boyfriend. God and my sister are my witnesses"

"Another lie! Austin said hitting the steering." "You are an outrageous liar, do you think I will ever believe anything that comes out of  your mouth again? OK now see" Austin said bringing out his phone and dialed her number, and it rang. 

"You see, your number is going now, it was not available throughout yesterday night, why? Because you blocked me from disturbing your night with your boyfriend whom you left Onitsha to meet" 

Onyinye who was agape, kept looking at him in shock and burst into tears on why Austin was accusing her of things she knew nothing about.

"My Love, what is happening? Why all these accusations. I saw your girlfriend's things in your place so I angrily left so as to show you how bad I felt" Onyi explained.

"Onyinye, you are very stupid, in fact you are the most dumb girl I have ever known. 'I.....saw...your...girlfriend's...things...in...your...place...and...I.angrily..left' Austin mimicked. 
"Now get out from this car and don't ever call me again, this relationship is over, thank goodness I did not end up marrying an outrageous cheat and a liar like you" Austin roared

"My Love, I know I lied to you that I was a virgin but that was the only lie I have ever........"

Austin interrupted: "Who is your love? I said get down from this car, or I push you down my self" Austin ordered shouting angrily opening the door.

When Onyi saw that talking to him won't yield any fruit, she said: "OK,! ok!!, I will get down myself, but know that you are accusing me of things I know nothing about, but I believe that my God will vindicate me" Onyi laments

"Come on! Get out from here my friend, it hurts me the more remembering how you have been pretending you love me, who knows when you were planing to dump me.
Thank God I'm doing it first. Please get out, Liar!."

Onyi who couldn't stand his abusive words again went down quietly crying.
And Austin zoomed off.

Onyi wasn't herself anymore, she pleaded for the earth to open and swallow her.

"Oh my God! Am I dreaming, no this is not happening, My Austin! No no no no!! My God I know I made a terrible mistake by lying to him, but please don't allow this to happen to me. Am I running mad? I think I'm running mad oo!! Austin please come back!!! Onyi shouted as her head started spinning , the next thing, she slumped.

To be continued....

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