Kukere Sisters: Episode 16

Austin drove to another hotel and lodged. Throughout that night, he wasn't himself, the flash of seeing Onyinye with another man holding her romantically on the waist kept burning his head, he screamed in pain.

"Nooo! Its not true!! Onyi can never be that kind of a girl!!! Austin said shaking his head in disbelief.

Later, he managed to sleep but woke around 3am, feeling so scared.
"What if after doing the test, and it turned out she is not a virgin? Seriously, knowing the truth will be far bitter, is it not better I pretend along than hurting my heart because I can't bear it. No no, let it just be, let me assume the guy I saw her with is her brother or just a friend. I trust her, let me give her that benefit.
Hmm, that's what I will do. Now I can have a good sleep" Austin concluded and went back to sleep.

One hour later, he woke up again and start punching his pillow angrily, trying to card away the horrible thoughts that kept hunting his sleep.
"Onyinye, Is it because of this your school boyfriend that you left Onitsha without even informing me? You did not even show me any respect. You should have lied to me, I would have allowed you to travel back, instead of soaking me in this dilemma." Austin said to himself, weeping in his heart.
"In order to be on the safe side, I better get her tested tomorrow" Austin concluded.

About 6:12am, Onyinye woke up from sleep and found herself in an unknown room.
When she looked at the other side of the bed, she saw Anna and she stretched out her arm to wake her.

"Ow, Onyi, you are awake"

"Yes, where are we?" Onyi asked rolling her eyes.

"We are still in Lameyors hotels" Anna replied

"How come we ended up in their room?"

Anna hummed and said: "I don't know what happened to you last night, you got me worried. You suddenly started feeling dizzy, looking like somebody who was about to faint the next minute, so we had to bring you here to lie down because I figured out that you were overwhelmed by what Austin did to you"

"Oh Austin! where is my phone?" Onyi asked

"See it over there" 

Anna had already unblocked Austin's numbers from Onyi's phone, so that it will look like she deliberately did it.

So Onyi quickly went throug it to know if she missed his calls, but sadly, there was none. She felt so bad and started shedding tears that Austin did not even call her.

"Why are you feeling sad now? Please get hold of yourself, he doesn't worth your tears."

"Anna, I have this terrible feeling that I will loose Austin forever" she said wrinkling her face.

"Please don't think like that" Anna said

"The feeling is all over me, I can't control it"

"Let's go back to hostel first." Anna suggested.

As they were about to leave, Anna remembered that Austin was already in Awka, he might see both of them together.

"Onyi, its like you have to be going, I want to stay here for a while and charge my phone, you know we don't have light in the hostel and I slept off forgetting to charge it here" Anna lied.

"Alright then, we will talk on phone" Onyi said and left.

As she was approaching her hostel, she saw Austin's car parked in front of her hostel and felt happy that even if he did not call, at least he came to see her. She then assured herself that there is still hope for them.
As she was climbing the stairs, she designed her face in order to appear mean so as to send the signal of how hurt his cheating made her felt.

When she was approaching her room, she expected him to come to her like he normally does, but he didn't, instead he stood there, dialed her number and it rang. He disconnected it, and started looking at her with a long face as she approached.

"Good Morning!" She greeted opening her door

He replied in a low voice. After opening the door, she went inside leaving the door ajar for him to enter.

When he entered, he stood straight giving her a very intimidating look, making Onyinye so uncomfortable.

But she maintained cool, folding her arms, expecting him to ask her something first, while she sat on her mattress.

"Onyinye, why did you left Onitsha yesterday without letting me know about it first?" Austin asked in a low deep voice

Onyinye clicked her throat loudly, as she said nothing, looking at her window side.

"Onyinye, I didn't come here for child's play, answer my question" Austin asked in a deep harsh voice.

"Y..ou...a....r....e asking me, didn't you see the note I left?" She stammered

"What rubbish note? Onyinye, I demand to know the truth and nothing but the truth, are you still a virgin"

Boom! The question made Onyinye to turn her face to his side, and she asked: What kind of question is this. So you want to use style to channel the issue to my side now, right? I found your girlfriend's things in your house, which means you have been cheating on me all this while, you should have told me you can't stay in a relationship without s*x, you...."

Austin cut in: "Onyinye, you have not  answered my question, answer my question my friend!" Austin ordered in a harsh loud voice.

This made Onyinye believe there was problem.

"Austin has never doubted me, so what could be the problem now, did he ask anybody about me?" Onyinye sat confused.

"Onyinye, are you......"

"Yes I am a virgin" Onyi cut in

"So where were you last night" Austin asked

"I was with my sister Anna, when I reached Awka yesterday night, she insisted I fo....."

Austin cut in: "Onyinye swear with this holy book you are still a virgin" he handed her a Bible.

"What is all this Austin? After all you did to me, you want to drag my honour into it, right? If you are tired of this relationship, just say it to my face, I will quietly leave you alone, love is not by force. What is all these?" Onyinye's voice flared

"Onyinye, swear! I said swear!!" Austin who was already loosing his patience shouted 

"So you expect me to swear with a holy Bible? God forbid, I can never do that!"

"Then lie down, let me check if you are still one"

"You mean I should lie down for you to insert your fingers in my v*gina? No! its not hygienic please, your fingers might be dirty, and germs cause infection"

"Then, let's go to a clinic and get you tested" Austin demanded.

When Onyi saw the seriousness
in his face, she concluded that playing a mean girl won't solve anything, she decided to calm him down.

Austin on his own side was praying earnestly in his heart for all the things he had heard about her to be false. He loved Onyinye deeply that he can't see himself living without her, but if after the test and it turned out she had been lying to him, he will never forgive her all his life.

"My Love, what happened to you? Why did you start doubting me all of a sudden? Is still me oo, your Sunshine" Onyi said holding him, stretching his arms to her back, to hold her bombom.

But Austin had already made up his mind. He reminisced another man holding her on the waist and that angered him the more.

"Onyinye, let's go to a clinic now or you consider this relationship over."

"Austin, I am still a virgin, how else do you expect me to prove myself to you?".

"Onyinye, if I leave here, I'm leaving your life forever" Austin said, stood for some seconds and turned his back to leave but yearned for her to stop him.

"Stop! You want to know the truth right?"

"Yes, that's why I'm here"

"OK, I will tell you the truth"

To be continued.

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