Kukere Sisters: Episode 15

Anna continued calling incessantly, hoping Onyi never succeed in getting the substance she said she will use to affirm her va**ina.
When Onyi returned from the pharmacist shop, she saw her sister's calls. 

"Hello Anna, sorry I missed your calls, I forgot my phone here"

"I started calling immediately I received your message." Anna said

"Anna! Austin is a cheat. You were right all along"

"You have to calm down Sis, you sent a message about firming your vagina, so wh......"

"The woman said I should come back on Tuesday" Onyi cut in.

Hearing this made Anna sighed a relief. 

"Thank God, she did not succeed. Now, I have to draw her back to Awka so that my plans would be perfected." Anna said in her heart and then asked: "But what made you think Austin is a cheat?"

Onyi whose heart was heavy, feeling disappointed narrated everything to her.

"You see! I told you men are not to be trusted. I knew it. Oh Darling, I hope you are not crying about it"

"Noo! why should I cry. I have to fight for my man, that's all, its just that I'm feeling so disappointed right now" Onyi said.

"But is that why you want to give it to him now? Sis please, stick to your initial plan. In fact you have to teach Austin a lesson, let him know that you can't take it lightly if he ever cheat on you again." Anna said trying to trick her into returning o Awka.

"You are right. But how do I do that?"

"Rearrange those inner wears, keep them back from where you saw them, write him a note that you have seen how he cheats on you with other women, after doing that, then leave his house and return to Awka" 

"And?" Onyi asked demanding her to continue 

"When he returns, he will be confused after reading the note. Just keep him in the dark, he won't be himself. He will surely come to Awka to see you"

Onyi hummed and said, that sounds like a good idea, but....."

Anna interrupted: "There's no but, just do as I tell you, start leaving immediately before he returns. He deserves this punishment for cheating on you"

"But you know, I have to be sure, what if the undies belong to his sister?" Onyi asked.

"Its not possible, what happened to the visitors room?"

"Anna, you are right." Onyi said and started getting her things ready to leave.

Finally, Anna succeeded in setting her plans of ruining her own sister's love relationship.
About 6:39pm, Onyi reached Awka.
She met her sister who was already waiting for her in her hostel.

"It's because I refused him sex, that's why he went ahead to cheat on me" Onyi said bursting into tears.

"Noo, its not true. That's men for you, its always in their nature to cheat" Anna said cuddling her sister, urging her to stop crying.

"Go and change into something sexier, we are hanging out with some friends. I can't leave you here all alone to start giving yourself a headache" 

Onyi reluctantly did as she said, she was not in the mood of going anywhere, but she needed it to cast her mind off from Austin and his cheating ways.

As she was dressing up, Anna picked her phone, and blocked Austin's two numbers. 
Twenty minutes later, they left.

Anna had already made arrangement with some of her friends who doesn't even know her true motives. 

About 7:46 pm, Austin who had been calling Onyi on phone returned, but was surprised to meet her absence. When he saw the note she left, he became more confused. He started calling her number again, but yet unavailable. As he was still trying the number, Anna's message came in, and reads: "I told you that Onyinye is not the girl for you, she deceive men by claiming she is a good girl, if you are still doubting me, why not drive down to Awka and see for yourself"

"Does it mean she is in Awka? But how come she left without even informing me? And what does she mean I'm cheating on her? But Ebere is sounding so convincing that Onyi is not a virgin, could it be....? No! Its not possible, Ebere is only desperate" Austin said racing in his mind.

But Austin became more worried when two of his numbers were not going through Onyi's line. So he decided to try it with another number. 
He went to his neighbour and pleaded with him to use his phone. When he called her, it rang, immediately she answered, he disconnected it
So he quickly dialed with his own phone, and it gave rejected tone again. 

"What! Onyi blocked my numbers? What's happening? I don't want to believe what this desperate Ebere said. But instead of guessing, is it not better I travel down to Awka to see her so that she will tell me where I have wronged her. Ow, my Sunshine, I know you must be mistaken me for something else, I am coming to Awka right away". He said to himself and picked his car keys and left.

About 10:04 pm, Austin arrived Onyi's hostel but met her room locked.

Anna who had already knew that Austin will come to Awka sent him a message of where he can find Onyi.

Meanwhile, Anna added a light sedative in Onyi's juice which was already having effect on her. Onyi was also feeling bad that Austin had not called her up to that moment, but due to her state of mind, she didn't think much about it.

So good timing for Anna, as Austin entered the hotel premise, Anna who had been on the alert sighted him from afar. She quickly pleaded with one of her male friends whom she called to have fun with them to take Onyi inside. Onyi was already intoxicated.
She lied to her friends that Onyi was feeling hurt from what her boyfriend did to her, that was why she brought her in the hotel so that she will have fun, feel away from her hostel and clear her head from the hurtful feelings. They envied her for being a wonderful sister who always looked out for her younger sister, but they never knew she was a wolf in sheep's clothing.

When Austin entered the hotel, Anna quickly went to him.
"Ebere, what are you doing here?" Austin asked in a harsh voice.

"Well, Cyko I'm here to open your eyes to the kind of woman you are about to marry. Just look over there, see your woman and her school boyfriend entering one of the hotel rooms".

When Austin looked clearly, he couldn't believe his eyes. 

"She is staggering, is she drunk? But she said she doesn't take alcohol" 

"Hmm, another lie she has been feeding you" Anna said and hissed.

Onyinye was staggering, and that made the guy to hold her on the waist to support her movement as they headed towards the room Anna paid for. She wasn't aware of what was happening, all she was seeking for was for a bed to lay her head.

When Austin wanted to run towards them,  Anna stood in his front, blocking him from gaining entrance to the hall way.

"Get out of my way lady! Austin ordered.

"Listen to me, I know how you are feeling right now. Don't create a fuss here, just allow her to enjoy her night, tomorrow you take her to a nearby clinic and get her tested to know if she is still a virgin or not."

Finally, Austin saw some senses in what Anna said, he got hold of himself and said "well, tomorrow will determine if you are saying the truth or not, but if it later turn out you are doing all this just for your selfish gain, you will see what I will do to you" Austin threatened and angrily left.

Anna followed him. As he entered his car, she opened the other side and entered.

"What are you doing here?"

"I know how you are feeling right now, so I can't allow you to sleep alone this night" Anna warmly explained

"You know how I'm feeling, right?"

"Yes" Anna answered

"Ebere, get out from this car, I said get down now!" Furious Austin ordered.

But Anna proved stubborn, so he angrily got down, went to the other side and dragged her down, he then entered his car and drove off.

To be continued....
The author of Kukere Sisters is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be use, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author



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