Kukere Sisters: Episode 14

When Anna reached Awka, she called Austin on phone to tell him that she had reached safely, but he rejected her call. 
"I knew he will not answer, I only tried a luck" She said to herself.

Anna headed straight to school, still working on her plans of ruining Onyi and Austin's relationship.
On Thursday, about 2pm, she called Onyinye to know her whereabout.

"I have already left school, I am in my hostel now, I wasn't feeling too strong" Onyi said.

"What happened? When did it start?" Anna asked sounding so concerned. 

"No, its nothing serious, just my monthly visit" Onyi giggled.

"Oh, you just got me worried for nothing, I thought it was something serious. Will you will be around in the evening?" Anna asks

"Yep, I'm around" Onyi replies

"Alright, I will be coming in the evening" she said disconnecting the call.

About 6:30pm, she arrived Onyinye's hostel. They gisted about school, and other stuffs.

"So what about Austin? Something is telling me that Austin is cheating on you with another woman, I don't know why such thought entered my mind" 

Onyi chuckled and called "Anna! What are you saying, its Austin you are talking about oo? So debunk such thought because its not true, I trust Austin more than I trust myself, and besides I don't like hearing negative things about him" Onyi shoves

"I am sorry sis, I was only looking out for you, you know I have never said such a thing about him before and......." 

"I said enough naa" Onyi cut in.

"Alright alright alright! My mouth shut!" Anna said shutting her mouth with her fingers.

"Better" Onyi said, smiling.

"So, do you have any food here, I am famished? Anna asked robbing her stomach.

"Yes, I cooked rice with vegetable stew"

"Oh, that's yummy" Anna said heading to Onyinye's small kitchen which was fitted in the room. 

As she was dishing out the food she suggests: "Onyi, why not visit Austin this weekend and clean his house for him, you know, soon you guys will be getting married" Anna said but rejecting it in her heart: "God forbid, you can never be his wife, Austin belongs to me and to no one else.
And she continued: Since you are menstruating, he won't bother you about sex, so give him a call that you will be coming over tomorrow. When you get there, clean the whole house, arrange his wardrobe properly, he will appreciate you the more, that you are truly, a wife material "

"This is an excellent idea, he had always wanted me to start living with him, but because of the virgin issue, I tried my possible best in avoiding his house. Let me call him now"

"Good evening, My Love!"

"Good evening to you my sunshine" Austin responds

"How is your weekend going to be like" Onyi asked

"Its going to be cool, why do you ask, or do you want to visit me?

"Oh my God! You can read my mind?

"So I guessed right?" Austin asked

"Yes Love, I'm missing you so....."
Austin cut in
"My Sunshine, you don't need to seek permission before coming here because its already your home. Do you know what? I will give you your own key to the house, so that you can always visit anytime you feel like"

The last statement made Onyi rejoiced in her heart. And later, they ended the call with "I love you".
Anna was cursing Onyi in her heart for playing love with Austin.
"By the time I'm done creating tension and rift between you two, you won't remember to end your call with "I love you", nonsense" she cursed.

"Wow, he said he will give me key to the house so that I can visit anytime I want to, oh God, thank you for blessing me with a special man like Austin, I will forever be grateful" Onyi said appreciating God.

"What, give her a spare key?" Anna rhetoric feeling so jealous and started developing a secret hatred for her sister. But decided to play along cool so as not to blow up her cover.

"Sis, I am so blessed having him, I can't wait to start making love to him. Oh this wedding should just come already, I can't wait anymore" Onyi wished.

"That will only happen in your dream, not while I'm alive, stupid!" Anna beefed in her heart.

"Sis, why are you so quiet, say something naa" Onyi said nudging her

"I am happy for you my darling sis, I admire the love Austin has for you" Anna said, faking a smile.

"Don't worry, soon you will be dancing in the tone of love with me, OK?".

"Yes, I know" Anna replied with a fake smile saying in her heart "I have already found him, soon you will stumble out of my way, I'm only pitying you".

On Friday, about 6:pm, Onyi had already reached Austin's place, they were so happy to see each other, their love kept glowing. 

The next day, Austin left to meet somebody, Onyi started cleaning the house. 
She cleaned the whole house, but forgot to arrange the wardrobe.
About 2:23pm, Anna was already waiting impatiently for Onyinye's call, expecting her cries that Austin was a cheat.
After waiting for a while, she then called her on cellphone.

"Hello dear, I know you must be extremely tired by now?"

"To tell you the truth, I have been cleaning the whole house since morning, I am so tired"

"That's good, hope you cleaned the Kitchen cupboards, dust the furniture, arranged the wardrobe? Anna stylishly asked so that she won't suspect anything.

"Oh no, I forgot to arrange the wardrobe. I will do that later in the day because I don't have any strength now"

Anna said OK and they ended the call. When her phone gave a low battery notification, she decided to switch it OFF in order to ON it later when Onyi must have seen the items she stored in Austin's wardrobe because she doesn't know when power will be restored.

After some minutes, Onyinye decided to arrange the wardrobe so that she will take her bath and rest at once.
In the process of arranging it, she stumbled on those items Anna stored in the Wardrobe.

"Oh my! Who owns these under wears? I'm sure they are not mine"
Nervously, she went through them and discovered they were not new, they have already been worn by somebody.
Tears rolled down her cheeks, she cried quietly that Austin was cheating on her. 

She quickly picked her phone to call her sister, but her phone was switched off. She then sent her a message which reads: Sis, my relationship with Austin is at stake, it now lies in my hand to protect it, I am going to meet my pharmacist friend to give me those drugs that will firm my vagina, to make it tight again, I wont give chances to any woman to posses my possession, call me once you get this message"

After sending the message, Onyi who was no longer herself, left forgetting her cellphone.
When Anna saw the message, it was not what she expected. Onyi firming her vagina will destroy her plans of breaking the relationship. She called her number countless times, but she did not answer.

To be continued....

The author of Kukere Sisters is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be use, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author


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