Kukere Sisters: Episode 13

The next morning, Anna began her journey of recovering Austin.
About 3:45pm, she had already entered Onitsha, went to Austin's place and made enquiries about his flat, the time he normally returns at night. She succeeded in this by giving N200 to a young boy who lived with his parents in the same compound.

Anna was determined to go to any length to get Austin's love back. She lodged somewhere, monitoring when he will return because according to the boy, he normally returns between 9 and 10 pm.

She kept vigilant, watching all the cars that were passing so as not to miss him when he returns.

About 9:05pm, she saw him passed, and she quickly followed him, but avoided to be noticed. As soon as he opened the door to enter his flat, Anna jumped on him from behind and they both fell inside the house.

"Who is this?" terrified Austin asked, thinking it was somebody who wanted to attack him..

Anna did not say a word. She arose from the floor, standing in front of Austin who was about to retaliate.

"I have come for you my love, just switch on the light so you can see me clearly"

Confused Austin quickly turned on the light and saw the last person he expected to see in his house.


"Yes me, my love"

"God forbid! Who is your Love? How dare you come to this house, who gave you the address to this place?"

"Cyko, we are made for each other, haven't you noticed? That's why you returned to me after all these years" She said coming closer to him, trying to smooch her boobs on his body.

"You she devil! I said it!! I knew you were sent by the devil to destabilize my plans" Austin said pushing her away.

"What plans? Your marriage to that Onyinye of a girl who keeps lying to every guy that comes her way that she is a virgin, don't tell me you fell for that cheap girl's tricks" Anna says

"How dare you say such a cheap thing about my woman" Austin asked in a voracious tone, trying to slap her.

"And by the way, how did you get here?"

"Hmm, good question. And by the way, why did you used me as a cheap prostitute yesterday? You forgot the genuine love you and I shared together, even though we were apart, but our love still maintained their connections." Anna said reminiscing the strange feelings she had the day Austin was coming to drive her and Onyi to lunch. 

"My Love, please see through my eyes" she continued,  try to understand the passion my love is blazing for you. We are truly made for each other."

Austin got irked by her words and yelled: "woman, you have not answered my question, I said how did you find this place?"

"Well, its not that difficult to find, I met some people who made the inquiries easier"

Austin got more angrier with her and dragged her by the arm to throw her out his house, Anna resisted, pleading with him to give her one more chance to prove her love for him. 

"You are living this house this very minute, you are a devil incarnate. Oh yes, I know I made a mistake by sleeping with you, but that's why I paid you off" Austin said pushing her away. 

When she saw the seriousness in his eyes, she knelt down, pleading with him to allow her stay at least for the night, that she doesn't have anywhere else to go to that night. 

"Lie lie!! You must leave here this minute, you are a dangerous snake that needs to be avoided." Finally, he succeeded in throwing her away from his house. 

Anna started crying, and sent him a message, asking him to allow her stay for the night, she also promised to leave the next morning. 

When he saw the message, he was shocked. 

"Oh oh! She even has my number, that means she did a thorough investigation about me. But who could have told her about me? I hope Onyinye does not go about telling the whole students about me in school"

Austin became more disturbed when Anna started banging loudly on the door.

"Oh my Goodness! Why did I even allow myself to be trapped in this kind of mess, now she is making noise, attracting the attention of the neighbours."

So finally, he allowed her to stay, but vowed to make sure she leaves the next morning. She stayed in the visitors room, but never stopped observing him to know when he will enter the bathroom to take his bath.

As soon as he entered, she sneaked into his bedroom, went to his wardrobe, hide some female under wears and a top and quietly left, without making any sound.

The next morning, about 6am, she was already set to leave. Austin was pleased to see she had gotten back to her senses. 

"I am sorry for coming to your house without your consent, its because I'm madly in love with you, that's why I did that crazy thing. And as for that your woman, try to do some investigations before making a decision you will regret for the rest of your life."

Austin who was not interested in what she was saying, nodded and even thanked her, so that she will start leaving already. 

When she finally left, he heaved a sigh of relief, did a sign of the cross and also disregarded all she said. 

About 7:am, he took his bath, went to his wardrobe to search for one new singlet he bought, and in the process of searching it. He saw some inner wears, picked them up, and said "Female undies, how come?"

To be continued.... 

The author of Kukere Sisters is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be use, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author..



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