Kukere Sisters: Episode 12

After the jollification, they finally slept off. About 3:am, Austin woke up to urinate, he saw Anna snoring peacefully and he started staring at her, he shuddered in disgust and went to toilet to urinate. When he came out from the convenience, sleep was far from his eyes, he was racing in his mind on why he allowed such temptation to engulfed him.

"I have known Onyinye enough, she is perfect for me and above all she is still a virgin. I shouldn't give room for any confusion to set in. This girl here might be beautiful but I think, she is an agent the devil wants to use to destabilize my plans. I have heard stories of how people face series of temptations whenever they are about to marry. No! This illicit affair will end here before it gets out of hand" Austin concluded and went back to sleep.

About 5:43am, Austin was already dressed up, set to leave. He tapped Anna, asking her to wake up.

"Ow, you are dressed up already?" She asked, wiping the sleep from her eyes.

"Yes, I need to be at home before 6:30, give me your account number" he demands

"My account number?" Anna asks

"I don't have enough cash here, so let me transfer some money to your account" Austin replied thinking on the best amount he will use to pay her off so that the relationship will end there.

Happily, Anna said OK and called out the numbers. Within some minutes, an alert of 30,000 entered her account. She went to Austin to hug him for the money, but he was unmoved. When she looked him in the face to know why he snobbed her like that, he gave her a fake smile and said: "I need to get going now"

Anna who became worried of his stern look, said OK and stepped away a little from where he was standing, watching what he will do next. But to her utmost surprise, he grabbed the door handle without asking for her number.

"You did not ask for my number?" Anna managed to ask.

"Hmm, I don't think that will be necessary, don't worry we will see one of this days" he said and left, leaving Anna who was standing dumbfounded alone in the hotel room.

"Wait! did Cyko just left without exchanging numbers? Did he just used me? Furious Anna rhetorics, feeling so cheated and used. "No naa, Cyko, ha...ha....ha.... You think you are smart? The mistake you made was playing with my emotions again. This time, I won't loose you again, just watch and see, very soon, I mean, very soon, you will come back to my arms pleading for acceptance, then I will prove to you that no woman will be able to love you the way I do, not even my sister who lied she is a virgin" Anna said beating her chest.
She sat, tapping her feet on the floor, trying to get rid of the hot feelings Austin caused her that morning.

"Well, let me not worry myself out, and hope for tomorrow."

Around 7:am, she brought her phone to call her sister. She saw the message she sent her on WhatsApp which reads: Austin later called me, giving me reasons on why he didn't make it to Awka again, so I think we are good"

Anna quickly called Onyinye to know what Austin told her.

"Hello Sis, good Morning." Anna greets

"Same to you dear" Onyi replies

"I know you will say you did not see me again yesterday. You know when I saw your message around 7pm that Cyko, sorry! Austin has not yet come, so I decided to stay back at my course mate's place so that she will help me with that our course that is so difficult, the one I told you about." Anna explains

"You did the right jare, don't mind Austin, he said he had an important client bla bla bla, but wait a minute, did you just blurt Cyko's name now?

"Did I?"

"I heard you loud and clear, it's like you dreamt about him last night" Onyi tease

"But did you believe what he told you?" Anna asked diverting Onyi's question.

"You mean Austin, hmm, I don't have any other option than to believe him naa, trust is what matters in every relationship." Onyi replies

"OK. Are you in your hostel now?" Anna asks

"Yes" Onyi replies

"OK, I am coming"

"Alright" Onyi said and they ended the call.

About 20 minutes later, Anna stormed Onyinye's hostel. Onyi was about taking her bath then. So, while she was in the bathroom, she picked Onyinye's phone, entered her security code, strolled to her contacts, took Austin's two numbers and saved them in her phone with a female name. Onyinye doesn't hide anything from her sister, not even her security numbers.
So after taking her bath, they started gisting their normal girl's talk. Anna was devising a stylish way of asking her about Austin's residential address without creating any hint. 

"Ehe! that reminds me, which side of Onitsha did you say Austin is living?"

"He lives at Omorka street, Omagba phase 2" Unsuspecting Onyi replies

"Really? There is this guy I have been chatting with on Facebook, he told me that he stays at Omorka street, he said his house is at number 45, so I remembered you telling me sometime ago that Austin is living that side" Anna lies

"O.....K....Austin's own is number 127. But sis, please leave all this internet guys and consider Ebuka oo, who is ready to do anything for your happiness" Onyi warned drawing her ear.
Anna whom Onyi made her task more easier started laughing out loudly. 

To be continued...

The author of Kukere Sisters is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be use, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author..



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