Kukere Sisters: Episode 10

"Ebere, how did you travel out of this world? I searched for you in every nook and cranny, but couldn't find you. You left without even informing me?"

"Cyko, it was not my fault, when my Aunty was transferred to Lagos, I came to your brother's place to inform you about it, but was informed by your friends that you rushed down to the village after receiving news about your mother's sudden ill health. So I dropped my Aunty's mobile number with them, so that when you return, you can use it to contact me, but my Aunty later lost that her number, and worst of it, she refused to restore it, you know, you don't have a phone then, I could have called. So when I secured admission to the university, I came to Owerri, but unfortunately, I met new occupants, and nobody was able to give me a clue as to where to find you." Anna explains

"Do you know I still have that number off hand? I called it up to a million times, it kept replying unavailable, at a point it started going but was heartbroken again when I discovered it had been rebought by another person. Then I concluded within me that I have lost you forever, but here you are.... ooh come here, come come...here." Austin said as he wrapped her tightly in his arms.

Anna's heart beamed with joy discovering Cyko(Austin) still has that soft love for her.

"So what are you doing here?" Anna(Ebere) asked.
The question threw him off balance because he had actually came to see Onyinye. He didn't allow himself to think much but rather, seized the moment and utilized it as it unfolded.

"Do you know what? Let's go to somewhere cool and stay" he replied avoiding the question.

Anna who noticed what happened cared less because she already swore to herself that any day fate will reunite them, she will go to any length to win his heart back.
So both of them left, but as they were heading to the car, Austin was quietly searching through the hostel compound hoping not to be seen by Onyinye. He drove Anna to a hotel which is very far from Onyinye's hostel. They sat in the open bar, and he ordered for drinks. As they were drinking, they recounted how much they have missed each other.

"So, tell me, are you in any serious relationship?"

"No, there is nobody in my life now" Anna replied, sipping her drink.

Austin kept silence expecting her to ask him a similar question, but she did not.

At that moment, Austin's phone rang, he checked and found out that it was Onyinye, he answered and told her he will call her back later.
But Onyinye who was not satisfied with his response, she called back again, but this time, he ignored her call, and switched his phone to silent mode because he knew she will keep calling.

Anna did not even care to know if he was married, engaged or in a serious relationship, what mattered to her then was the presence of the most precious thing she adored on earth.

As they were chatting, laughing out together, suddenly, tears left Anna's eyes down her cheeks, Austin became confounded and moved closer to her, held her, asking her why she was crying.

"No, I am not crying, this are tears of joy, I never knew this day would come, I almost gave up hope of seeing you again, but here you are, right in front of me".

On hearing this, he remembered Onyinye, the woman he promised to marry, but as he was still harboring the thought, Anna swifted his face down to hers, delved her lips into his, and they kissed passionately for some minutes. At that point, he stopped thinking about anything else but to enjoy the moment while it last. He lost himself completely when Anna whispered to his ear: "I missed you baby, why not pay for a room?"

That intimate request sparked a flash down his veins, he reminisced how they used to make love, he quickly did as she demanded.

It was all in another world for them, their fire were rekindled, and the next thing, they saw themselves making l*ve. When they remembered about protection, it was already late. 

"Oow, baby I have missed you so much,  and how you used to do it to me" Anna who was sweating profusely said panting, drawing Austin to cuddle her. 

But he did not respond, he only gave her a faint smile, hummed and arose from the hotel bed, entered the bathroom to clean himself up. 

Right in the bathroom, Austin's heart was torn apart, he remembered Onyinye, the love of his life, how he kept her worried, he wondered what she must be thinking. Onyi's thought made him start regretting what he did, and the worst of it all, he did not use protection. 

While he was still in the bathroom, his phone started beaming, Anna sighted a picture from the phone's screen and when she went closer, it was her younger sister, Onyinye. She was shocked to the bones......

The author of Kukere Sisters is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be use, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author..



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