Here are the people who guessed the end of Dirty Sleep right, but who is the real winner?

Like I said yesterday, one person will be receiving free internet subscription for predicting how the story, Dirty Sleep will end.
Most people commented on Facebook, while I strictly instructed that the answers should be placed here, on the main site.

So among those who commented on the site, we have three readers who hinted on the exact way the story ended.
But I'm still having a hard time choosing.

So I have decided to bring them here to help me pin out the winner.....
Below are the three readers.
Blessing Ajuma Ekpoh Akor
Chibuzor Chibuzor Chibuzor

I'm Sure you have read how the story ended, right? So reading their comments below, who do you think guessed right?

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  1. Waw,i was the first to drop a
    comment...i think the two
    other readers follow my
    step....Admin plz kindly
    consider me.


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