Dirty Sleep ends tonight! But free one month subscription to the person who can summarise the exact way it will and

Off course, I can still bless someone....
Our short story, Dirty Sleep will be coming to an end tonight.
I know you will be guessing how it will end.
OK, now I want you to share that guess with us, if yours turned out to be the exact way it ended, you will be given a free one month internet subscription of your choice...

I wanted to post this earlier, but it skipped my mind.

Here is how it will go.
Just share your guess in the comment section below. Its very simple, its just exactly the same way you comment on Facebook...
So do it now...., we still have like five hours to do this....


  1. The conclusion of d article will be like this......Rose will regain freedom while Oshimiri,Mekus and ohammiri we be destroyed and capture by the police.

    1. So you clicked on the blogger comment? Nice
      You don't like the Facebook section?

  2. It was not like i didn't like the fb section,it was nt visible on my phone that why.

  3. It was nt visible on my phone,that why i didn't use it.


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